ORRA’s Digital Transformation Journey with TechGyan


ORRA, a prominent player in crafting and retailing fine diamond and gold jewelry, operates an extensive network of stores across India. Despite migrating their email system to Microsoft 365, ORRA faced adoption challenges related to email. Seeking expert guidance, they turned to Mr. Suresh Ramani, CEO of TechGyan, based on strong recommendations from the CIO Network of Western India. 

Challenges and Solutions

1. Email System Adoption:

TechGyan recommended the Teamwork 365 Managed and Adoption Services, enabling comprehensive management of all Microsoft 365 workloads. This facilitated the adoption of additional workloads beyond email.

2. Azure Subscription Management: 

ORRA encountered support and billing issues with their Azure subscription. TechGyan’s solution was the DataCenter 365 Managed Services, providing end-to-end services for Azure. 

3. Project Management Optimization:

ORRA leveraged TechGyan’s services to procure Microsoft Project licenses and received training and support for implementation. 

4. Document Management Efficiency:

TechGyan advised ORRA to categorize documents into two types:

Standard Office and PDF documents: Migrated to SharePoint with access control.

Large design documents: Set up on Storage Box with daily backups to Azure, ensuring robust retention policies. 

5. Document and Email Backup; Disaster Recovery and Compliance Solution:

ORRA utilized the following Microsoft 365 services: 

  • Exchange Online Archival: Securely storing historical email data, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.  
  • eDiscovery and Legal Hold: With eDiscovery capabilities, ORRA can search, hold, and export relevant emails for legal purposes. Legal Hold prevents accidental deletion of critical emails during investigations or litigation.  
  • SharePoint Plan 2: Used for document retention and management, with robust retention policies. 

6. Security Posture Improvement:

To bolster security, TechGyan recommended migrating to Microsoft 365 Business Premium for a comprehensive security solution.

ORRA proceeded with TechGyan’s SecureIT 365 Adoption and Security Managed Services, covering various security domains, including identity and access, information protection, threat protection, device lifecycle management, governance, compliance, reporting, and auditing.


Leveraging Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Azure, combined with Teamwork 365, SecureIT 365, and DataCenter 365, ORRA is crafting a robust digital transformation platform that is scalable and forward-thinking. They are now exploring the potential of Gen AI and Co Pilot to further enhance productivity. Whether it’s productivity, security, or data center transformation, TechGyan has proven to be the partner of choice for ORRA. 


ORRA’s journey with TechGyan exemplifies a successful digital transformation, showcasing the power of strategic partnerships and the effective use of technology to address complex business challenges. TechGyan’s tailored solutions have not only resolved initial challenges but have also set the stage for ongoing innovation and growth.

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