Microsoft Azure

What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is one of the most exciting Cloud Technologies. Think of Azure as a Giant Server Operating System running on the Cloud which is highly Scalable and Available.

Applications on Azure:

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TechGyan can help you move to the Cloud with Confidence. Some of the most useful applications on Azure are listed below.

Cloud Backup

Azure Online Backup is a cloud-based backup solution that enables data to be backed up to and recovered from an off-premises datacenter or the Cloud to help protect against data loss and corruption.

To know more about this cost-effective Solution, visit Azure Backup

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Let us understand the difference between Backup & Disaster Recovery.

A Backup is a copy of your data on another device or in another location. Disaster Recovery is different. If your Primary IT Site goes down for any reason, a DR Site will let you run your entire IT system until your primary environment is up. So, we see that it is very different as compared to Data Backup.

A sound backup strategy combined with the right approach to Disaster Recovery, means you have your Business Continuity covered.

To know more about how you can implement an effective Disaster Recovery Plan for your business, visit  Disaster Recovery

Move applications from On Premise to Cloud

Many Organizations are considering moving their On-Premise Applications to the Cloud to take advantage of the benefits of moving to Cloud. There are host of advantages when you move the On-Premise Apps to the Cloud.  

To know more about this, please visit  On Premise to Cloud

Windows Server and SQL Server End of Life

Microsoft has ended all the support for Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008.  However, there are many apps still in use with these versions. This creates Security issues for the Customer. The recommended path for such apps is to move them to the Cloud. 


For more information, please visit SQL Server and Windows Server End of Support

Desktop As A Service

We are please to introduce to you the concept of Desktop as a Service. This gives you Agility as well as enhanced Security. 


To understand the details of this Solution, please visit  Desktop As A Service.

More and more applications keep getting added to Azure. 

To know the most current status of applications, visit the Azure Portal.

To understand how to build scalable Solutions on Azure, visit Azure Solutions Showcase. 

Also Know more about Azure: Move Your Data to the Cloud 

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