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The amount of time employees spends engaged in “collaborative” work – in meetings, on phone calls or answering emails – has increased by about 50%. Perhaps even more significantly, this kind of work now takes up 80% or more of employees’ time.  Collaboration is taking over the workplace. As business becomes increasingly global and cross-functional, silos are breaking down, connectivity is increasing, and teamwork is seen as a key to organizational success.  As a result, people are on twice as many Teams as they were five years ago. More Teams means more time spent collaborating – almost 80%. And so, Teamwork and Collaboration are key to Organizational success.

Enter TeamWork 365

Teamwork 365 is a Solution which is focused on improving Organizational and Individual Productivity. This Productivity increase is delivered via a combination of Solutions and Managed Services.

TeamWork 365 Solution

As a Customer, you can choose to go with any specific Solution based on your priorities. Every point Solution listed above has a specific set of deliverables which enables you to get a clear idea of what will be achieved.  The Solution Pack Chart is given here for your reference:

TeamWork 365 Managed Services

While the above Solutions will help you improve Collaboration in the specific listed areas, we do understand that there will be a need for Collaboration Solutions in other areas as well. Also, you may want to have someone support you on a day to day basis for your Collaboration needs. So, we offer you specific service packs:

  1. Email Managed Services: You can effectively outsource your Email related needs and issues to our Team. Just about anything related to Email Service is covered under this service. Please note that this is a Post Deployment Service and initial Email Deployment is not covered in this Service.
  2. Teamwork Managed Services: All Collaboration related services including support on various workloads line SharePoint, OneDrive; Teams; Planner; OneNote and other workloads of Office 365. Please note that this is a Post Deployment Service and initial Deployment of Teamwork Services is not covered.

The Managed Service Pack Chart is given here for your reference:

TeamWork 365 Methodology

We can conduct a FREE Teamwork Assessment for your Organization. Based on the findings of the Assessment, we can arrive at the areas of Priority. And then we can share the findings with you. This FREE assessment is available to any Organization which has more that 25 users of Email. 

So, if you wish to take a FREE Teamwork 365 Assessment, or if you are interested in knowing more about our Teamwork 365 Solution, call us on +91-022-24134530 or drop a mail at

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