Office365 vs. Google

In terms of Productivity Suites, there are only 2 Platforms which are usually considered by Customers:

  • Office 365
  • Google G Suite (Google Apps for Business)

Offline access:

As an Office 365 user, you will get complete sync between Offline Outlook and online Browser and your Phone and your Tablet. And by complete sync, we mean Inbox, Sent Items, Mail sub folders, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Outlook Notes. With Google Apps, you get very basic and incomplete offline access. And as any Outlook user will tell, there can be no substitute for offline access with Outlook. Outlook is the World’s BEST Personal Information Manager. So do ask yourself if you can live without offline access to your Mailbox and contacts and calendar and tasks. If not, then Google Apps is not for you.

MS Office:

Can your Organization work without MS Office? Can Google Docs be used instead of MS Office? If not, then Google Apps is not for you. The reason is that with SharePoint and OneDrive, you will get ability to share Office documents and also work together on documents. When using Google Apps, the sharing is inefficient. And many times the document fidelity gets lost. You do not want your Excel chart to look different to different users, do you?

Your Data remains in India:

For all new Subscribers from India , the good news is that your Data will be hosted on the Microsoft Data Centers in India . For existing Customers, Microsoft is sending mails to them giving them the option of moving their Data to India. Can Google give that commitment? Absolutely not!

In addition to the above 3 differences, Office 365 is the foundation of a complete SMAC Solution (Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud) over which you can deploy various solutions. Not so with Google Apps.

Next point of comparison is to check how the individual components of Office 365 and Google Apps stack up. Please refer to the individual workloads of Office 365

We keep exploring the Office 365 and listing the new stuff all the time. We have listed out various components of Office 365 and the features. We also have a short video on the page which explains Office 365 in 5 minutes. Please click here

We strongly believe that the combination of the rich feature set of Office 365 and our focused expertise of the implementation of the Office 365 Platform will ensure that we will continue to delight our Customers

If you wish to know, How Office 365 can double the Productivity in Your Organization  kindly, 



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