Office365 vs. Google

In terms of Productivity Suites, there are mainly 2 Platforms which are usually considered by Customers:

  • Office 365
  • Google Workspace

Let us look at some of the more important reasons why Microsoft 365 / Office 365 is being preferred by Customers over Google Workspace.

Offline Access:

As an Office 365 user, you will get complete sync between Offline Outlook and online Browser and your Phone and your Tablet. And by complete sync, we mean Inbox, Sent Items, Mail sub folders, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Outlook Notes. With Google Apps, you get very basic and incomplete offline access. And as any Outlook user will tell, there can be no substitute for offline access with Outlook. Outlook is the World’s BEST Personal Information Manager. So do ask yourself if you can live without offline access to your Mailbox and contacts and calendar and tasks. If not, then Google Apps is not for you, and you should consider using to Microsoft 365.

MS Office

Can your organization work without MS Office?
Can Google Docs be used instead of MS Office?
If not, then Google Apps is not for you. The reason is that with SharePoint and OneDrive, you will get ability to share Office documents and also work together on documents. When using Google Apps, the sharing is inefficient. And many times, the document fidelity gets lost. You do not want your Excel chart to look different to different users, do you?

Teams as Hub of Collaboration

In the Hybrid World that we live in, Collaboration between Team members has become critical. And this is where Microsoft Teams shines very brightly. It has more than 100 Million daily users, making it the Most popular Collaboration Platform.  There is very little that Teams cannot do.  And Google just does not have anything that can come even close to Teams in terms of Collaboration.

Microsoft 365 Roadmap

When you consider adoption of Microsoft 365, it is important to understand the vision of Microsoft. In the words of the Top Management of Microsoft, “Microsoft 365 for us is a key pillar of the overall Microsoft strategy. As you indicated, world’s productivity cloud is the way that we’ve talked about it.

To read more about the roadmap, please visit

TechGyan’s Expertise in deployment and Adoption of Microsoft 365

While the Platform of Microsoft 365 is extremely feature rich, for individual Customer its utility depends on the process of Deployment and Adoption.  This is where TechGyan comes in.   We have unmatched expertise when it comes to understanding of Microsoft Platform Solutions.  Our Deep understanding helps us in matching the Customer Pain Point with the feature available.  No wonder we have won the Worldwide Partner of the Year Award two times from Microsoft. 

Please do read some of the real-world success stories of Customers here  Success Stories — TechGyan – Cloud Changes Everything 

Next point of comparison is to check how the individual components of Office 365 and Google Apps stack up. 

Microsoft 365 G Suite
Subscription PlanMicrosoft 365 Business BasicMicrosoft 365 Business StandardMicrosoft 365 Business PremiumBasicBusinessEnterprise
(Formerly Office 365 Business Essentials)(Formerly Office 365 Business Premium)(Formerly Microsoft 365 Business)
Cloud Storage1TB  1TB1TB30 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Storage50GB50GB50GB30GB30GB30GB
Email Archive50GB50GBUnlimited
Custom DomainYesYesYesYesYesYes
Business EmailOutlookOutlookOutlook
Web VersionsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Mobile VersionsYesYesYesYesYesYes
Desktop Versions NoYesYesNoNoNo
Word ProcessingMicrosoft WordMicrosoft WordMicrosoft WordDocsDocsDocs
Video & Voice ConferencingMicrosoft TeamsMicrosoft TeamsMicrosoft TeamsMeetMeetMeet
MessagingMicrosoft TeamsMicrosoft TeamsMicrosoft TeamsChatChatChat
Team IntranetSharePointSharePointSharePointSitesSitesSites
Archive DataYesYesYesVaultVault
Device ManagementYesYesYes
Power AutomateYesYesYes
Power AppsYesYesYes
Power BIYesYesYes

We strongly believe that the combination of the rich feature set of Office 365 and our focused expertise of the implementation of the Office 365 Platform will ensure that we will continue to delight our customers.

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