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There is a big buzz around Enterprise Mobility in general and BYOD in particular (Bring Your Own Device). Almost every Customer or Vendor is talking about the same. However, when you Deep Dive into Enterprise Mobility Solution, you find that while most of the Companies are allowing users to access Email and other Corporate data on their mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets, very little effort is done to ensure that this Corporate Data is secure. And the same Customers go to great lengths to ensure that the PCs and laptops are protected.

It’s like putting 3 locks on your main door but leaving your Windows wide open.

TechGyan, we take Mobility very seriously. We offer comprehensive Mobility Solution covering Devices, Productivity and Security Services.

The Core Product offering around which we deliver our Services is Enterprise Mobility & Security Suite from Microsoft. It is not a single product but a Suite of offerings.

What is EMS?

It consists of the following:

  • Identity Management: Azure Active Directory(AD) Premium
  • Data Protection: Azure Information Protection (AIP)
  • Device and Application Management: Intune

To know the components of EMS refer the link : https://techgyan.in/ems-enterprise-licensing/

Identity Management with Azure AD Premium features:

  • Provides hybrid identity. So, with same PC login you can now login to more than 1500 Cloud Apps
  • Supports Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). So, if you want to use your Tablet or Phone to access Corporate Data, in addition to your password, you have to either a) tap an app on your phone or b) enter notification received as text message
  • Supports password reset by users. This reduces Help Desk calls

To know more about Azure AD, Click Here

Data Protection with Azure Information Protection (AIP)

  • Secure the shared data either via Email or via shared File Share apps.
  • Works with all Mobile Platforms like iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Share data with anyone. To open an RMS-protected document, recipients who don’t have Azure RMS just need to sign up for the free Rights Management service and download the free RMS sharing application.

To know more about AIP, Click Here

Device and Application Management with Intune

  • Cloud-based management for iOS, Mac OS X, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows PCs.
  • Remove company data from an employee’s device while leaving their personal data in place.
  • Restrict actions like copy, cut, paste, and save as, to only those apps managed by Intune. Applies only to Mobiles . For more details Click Here.
  • You can provide users with the ability to enroll their own devices for management as well as install corporate applications from the self-service Company Portal.
  • Hardware and Software Inventory.
  • Endpoint Protection against Malware and other threats with built in multiple scanning engines. Only for PC
  • Secure Cloud based Patch Management leading to less downtime due to more secure PCs and laptops. To Know More details Click Here.
  • Remote troubleshooting. For PCs.
  • Enforcement of Security Policies including passwords on mobile device so that only approved devices can access Corporate Data.
  • Remote wipe of lost devices so that Corporate Data does not fall into wrong hands. For Mobiles.
  • Setup Remote Lock of the device so that even if device is lost, it remains locked. For Mobiles.
  • Wipe Device after fixed number of failed login attempts.
  • Setup mandatory pass code for Office Apps so that even if device falls in wrong hands, the Office data would remain inaccessible.

To know more about Intune Mobile Device Management, Click Here

Advanced Threat Management (ATA)

It is a Solution against Cybercrime. It is the On-Perm Solution. Features:

  • Analyze Abnormal Behavior
  • Detect Malicious Attacks
  • Create alert for known Security issues and Threats

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