Email Support Pack Premium

The Email Support Pack Premium helps our Customers to make optimum utilization of the rich feature set offered by Exchange Online & Outlook. We will also cover upcoming features released by Microsoft in future. Please Note that this pack can be subscribed for minimum of 50 Users or INR 5000 per month whichever is more.

This Pack covers everything offered under Email Support Pack Standard Plus some great additional functionality. Broadly we cover 2 Categories : Troubleshooting & Monitoring and Adoption.

Some of the Features that can be implemented are:

  • Configuration of mail clients such as Outlook/Outlook for Mobile devices 

  • Addition of New domain  ( beyond wo ) 

  • Managing Email Archiving 

  • Setup and monitor Office 365 Mobile Device Management Policy 

  • Improve and monitor Email Security Settings 

  • Create and manage SPAM confidence level 

  • Manage Group Email IDs 

  • Manage and Troubleshoot Delegate Access 

  • Troubleshoot Rules 

  • Transport Rules Management 

  • Troubleshoot Retention Policies 

  • Monitor Email Spoofing Settings 

  • Catch All Account Management 

  • Create backup of mailbox of users who have left the Company 

  • Manage Multi Factor Authentication 

  • Outlook troubleshooting in Desktop and Mobile 

  • Managing Email Archiving 

  • Create and manage shared mailboxes 

  • Troubleshooting Shared Mailbox 

  • Create and manage resource mailboxes 

  • Manage and Troubleshoot Delegate Access 

  • Conference room booking 

  • Convert Email to Meeting in outlook 

  • Scheduling Meeting 

  • Inbox Rules 

  • Flag Email for Follow-up 

  • Out-of-Office Replies 

  • Block OWA (Outlook Web App) access 

  • Share Calendar 

  • Shared Contacts 

  • Delegate Access 

  • Quick Steps in Outlook 

  • Create Teams meeting from OWA 

  • Setup and monitor Office 365 Mobile Device Management Policy 

  • Briefing email 

  • Send later 

  • Attach mail as an attachment in OWA. 

  • Meeting Follow up in OWA 

  • Friendlier Link in Outlook 

  • One-Place mail add-in in Outlook 

  • Remember more with Sticky Notes 

  • Reply all with meeting in OWA 

  • Restrict Attachment size in Exchange 

In addition to the above, we will also be able to take care of new features as they are released by Microsoft. 

Another option is that we can look at per Incident Support under Consulting Service

For more information on some of the above features , please visit  our Exchange Online Page.  

You may also want to visit Email Management Page.

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