Task Management

Tasks are an integral part of our lives. Whether it is Work, or Community or Family, our Life is nothing but a series of Tasks which need to be executed for us to achieve our objectives. However, managing these Tasks is a challenge for almost all of us. If we could just execute our Tasks better, our lives would become so much meaningful.

The common sources of tasks are,

  • External Email
  • Phone Call
  • Internal Email
  • Internal Meeting
  • Written Correspondence
  • Routine, repetitive Tasks

The most commonly used Solutions (which are also very inefficient) are,

  1. Using Email for forwarding Tasks.
  2. Maintaining Excel Sheets with tasks listed.

Based on our interactions with many of our Customers, we have identified a few challenges. These challenges are at two levels

1) Task Assignment by Manager.

2) Task executing by Task recipient.

Some of the Task Assignment challenges are,

  • Within a team, how do you assign Tasks to another Team member?
  • Once assigned, how do you monitor the same?
  • How do you review the assigned Tasks per person?
  • Do you have a system by which you can get list of tasks assigned by you?
  • If you want to review the late tasks assigned by you, how do you do that?
  • In case you want to discuss about the Tasks assigned, how do you do that?
  • Within a Team, can you group the tasks assigned as per category?
  • If you want to assign one task to multiple people, how do you do that?
  • On a Mobile, can you do all the activities related to Task assignment.

Challenges faced by Task recipients are,

  • How do you manage the tasks you have created for yourself?
  • If an email comes to your inbox from internal or external sender which has a task assigned to you, how do you manage the same?
  • If your Team Leader has assigned you a task, how do you monitor the same?
  • Do you maintain any list of all tasks assigned to you by yourself or your Team?
  • How to you manage your Tasks on a PC and on a Mobile?

At TechGyan , we are focused on improving Productivity of Individuals and Teams . And we know that one sure shot way of improving Productivity is to enable Individuals and Teams to execute tasks more efficiently.  We have combined the insights we have gathered with the Tools provided by Microsoft and processes defined by us to package Task Management System for Companies Large  & Small.  

Our Task Management Solution uses a combination of tools and processes.  

And during Tasks , there is a constant need to communicate with various stake holders . So instead of using Emails and adding to the Email file, you can securely communicate with others . You can chat, do a quick Online meeting or do a quick video call one to one.

So if we can replace Traditional Task Management which relies on Email with the tools and processes some of which were listed above, then we can surely achieve great efficiencies in executing our Tasks, whether for Work or Community or Family . 

In terms of tools, we need to look at only Office 365, the Cloud Productivity Platform and Azure Active Directory. Chances are that you are already using both. In that case what you will need is just our Consulting Services.  

If you are interested in knowing, how Task Management can help to manage your task Productively including Calling & Meeting in Your Organization kindly, 




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