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The usage of Social Media has in recent years skyrocketed. Almost everyone is familiar with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Tools like Facebook make it very easy for people to collaborate with tools like tagging, sharing information, making comments, newsfeed etc. One thought which comes in mind is that would it not be great to use such tool in Business for collaboration?

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But many Businesses are not willing to do so because of following issues:

  • Workers could easily get distracted and spend time on personal non-work stuff

  • Privacy concerns of Social Media

Benefits of using Yammer:

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Discuss or Inform
  • If you want to discuss anything with your colleagues, sending Email to all is not the best way to discuss. Instead post the discussion on Yammer. Same goes for if you wish to inform your colleagues.
  • Want to share a useful web link? Post the link on Yammer.
Ask a Question
  • There are times when we need to have an answer but we don’t know whom to ask. No problem! Post it on Yammer and start getting responses from everywhere. Simple!
Create Groups within Company both Public and Private. Use Yammer Groups as Email Distribution List
  • Once you have created Yammer Groups, you can use these as an Email Distribution List whereby you can post a message as Email directly from Yammer.
Loop in non-Yammer users in a discussion
  • It’s possible that in a Company you may have a mix of users, some on Yammer and others NOT on Yammer. In such a case, also you can loop in non-Yammer users in a Yammer discussion and these users will get the message as Email.
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Forward Emails into Yammer
  • You can initiate a Yammer discussion by forwarding an Email to the Yammer group.
  • When you upload a file, or create a note, be sure to pin related notes, files, and links under the ‘Related Content’ section
“Share” a message to expand visibility and have a side conversation about a thread without interrupting the original flow. If you don’t have time to read a post or a thread, you can bookmark it by clicking More > Bookmarks, so once you start using Yammer you will realize how easy it is to collaborate within your Company and also with various Stake holders like Suppliers, Consultants, etc.

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