SecureIT 365

Fact 1

Digital Transformation is extremely important for Companies of All Sizes

Fact 2

Digital Transformation cannot be achieved unless Security & Compliance is built into all Digital Processes.

Most of us understand that Security is important in this Digital World. The question is are we doing enough? And the resounding answer is NO. The fact of the matter is that for many of us, Security means running Anti-Virus on our devices and then hoping for the best. But Securing yourself in a Digital World is much more complex. The Key attack zones are Email, User and Device. Add to that the increasing needs of Compliance where the duty of information protection lies with the Company and there are significant penalties for non-compliance. For any Organization that wants to protect itself in a thorough manner, this means:

  • Purchase multiple products from different vendors
  • Implementation of various technologies which are sometimes conflicting in nature
  • Managing the multiple technologies on day to day basis
  • Managing multiple renewals and relationships

Managing various Security and Compliance needs, becomes a tough ask for many.

Enter SecureIT 365

SecureIT 365 is a Security and Compliance Solution from TechGyan and is delivered via a combination of Solutions and Managed Services.

The SecureIT 365 is structured as follows:

1. Secure the Front Door

The SecureIT 365 is structured as follows:

  • Detecting vulnerabilities and risky accounts
  • Investigate risk events
  • Multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of security
  • Risk-based conditional access and result (allow, block, force MFA, require device enroll)
  • Advanced security reporting
  • Discovery of all apps in use
  • Identify high-risk usage of cloud apps, user behavior, detect abnormal downloads, prevent threat
  • Detect out-of-policy
  • Detect security incidents
  • Security Reporting
  • Protection from advanced targeted attacks such as unsecure email attachments and links
  • Identify threats on-premises

2. Secure Content

  • Device, app and risk based Conditional Access (allow, block, force MFA, require device enroll)

  • Data segregation at a device/app level

  • Manual Classification and Encryption

  • Intelligent Classification and Tagging of content

  • Protection of email and attachments

  • Document encryption, tracking, revocation

  • Shadow IT Detection: Discovering Apps and Risk Scoring

  • Monitoring shared files and responding to potential leaks

3. Secure Devices

  • Device and app based Conditional Access (allow, block, force MFA, require device enroll)

  • Device settings & compliance

  • Device and app level data wipe

  • Mobile Application Management (MAM)

  • Device and app encryption at rest

  • Device and App access level controls

  • Data flow restrictions

4. Great Employee Experience

  • Single Sign on

  • Self-service (password reset)

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

SecureIT 365 Solutions

As a Customer, you can choose to go with any specific Security Solution based on your priorities. Every point Solution listed above has a specific set of deliverables which enables you to get a clear idea of what will be achieved.  The Solution Pack Chart is given here for your reference:

SecureIT 365 Managed Services

While the above Solutions will help you improve Security & Compliance in the specific listed areas, it is important that the Security is constantly monitored and the short falls, if any, are plugged. So, we offer you specific service packs.

The Managed Service Pack Chart is given here for your reference:

SecureIT 365 Methodology

We can conduct a FREE Secure Score Assessment for your Organization. Based on the findings of the Assessment, we can arrive at the areas of Priority. And then we can share the findings with you. This FREE assessment is available to any Organization which has more than 25 users of offfice 365 Email. Post assessment, you can then plan the mix of Solution and Service Packs required by you.

TechGyan can assist you in ensuring that your Digital Assets become extremely secure by Design. Under our Managed Services, we will continuously monitor your Digital Infrastructure to ensure that it remains secure. Always!  

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