Security & Compliance

Fact 1

Digital Transformation is extremely important for Companies of All Sizes

Fact 2

Digital Transformation cannot be achieved unless Security & Compliance is built into all Digital Processes.

Most of do understand that Security is important in this Digital World. The question is are we doing enough? And the resounding answer is NO. 

TechGyan understands that Security is critical for Digital Transformation . So we are helping our Customers in baking Security within their Digital Processes. We make extensive use of Security Technologies made available to us from Microsoft.

Why Microsoft

One of the Best kept secrets in the World of Technology is that Microsoft has probably some of the Best Technologies in the area of Security & Compliance. These are built into some of the most popular Solutions offered by Microsoft. Some of these Solutions are listed below:

  • Windows 10 Operating System. The Most Secure OS ever
  • Windows Server and Active Directory 
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Information Protection
  • Email Security & Compliance using Office 365
  • Document Security & Compliance using Office 365
  • Enterprise Mobility & Security including Device Security
  • Threat Management Solutions
  • Search & Investigation Services
    • The features in Search & Investigation can help you navigate through the huge amount of data generated by you and help you search for what you need.
  • Service Assurances needed to comply with regulatory authorities
    • Does your Organization need to comply with various regulatory standards like ISO , HIPAA, etc.? Service Assurance provides information about how Microsoft maintains the security, privacy and compliance of Office 365. Use the Audited Controls, Compliance Reports, and Trust Documents features to perform your own risk assessment and gain confidence that Office 365 meets the security and regulatory requirements of your organization. Information security, compliance, audit, and risk management teams from your organization will likely be users of this data 
  • Data Governance
    • Data Governance is all about keeping your Data around when you need it and getting rid of it when you don’t. 
    • Archiving and Retention Policies fall in this category.

So, lets examine how we can have a Comprehensive Security Service.

1. Secure the Front Door

2. Secure Content

3. Secure Devices

The Microsoft Security Strategy consists of 3 steps as shown in the figure below:

TechGyan can assist you in ensuring that your Digital Assets become extremely secure by Design. Under our Managed Services , we will continuously monitor your Digital Infrastructure to ensure that it remains secure. Always!

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