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In the traditional On Premise World, Organizations typically had an area of their office designated as a DataCenter which was used to house Servers, Networking components like switches and other heavy duty IT equipment. With the shift which is currently occurring wherein the IT Infra is moving from On Premise to the Cloud, the DataCenter components are also moving to the Cloud.

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As a Trusted Cloud Solution Provider, TechGyan helps Customers move your DataCenter to Cloud under the Solution DataCenter 365 .

What is DataCenter 365

DataCenter 365 is a Suite of applications, packaged with Managed Services, which provide Customers with critical elements of Cloud Infrastructure. Some of the core Data Center applications which we help to move to the Cloud are:

DataCenter 365 Solution Packs

As a Customer, you can choose to go with any specific Solution based on your priorities. Every point Solution listed here has a specific set of deliverables which enables you to get a clear idea of what will be achieved.  The Solution Pack Chart is given here for your reference:

DataCenter 365 Managed Services

As is the case with On Premise Data Center Applications, post the deployment, we need to manage the Cloud Applications on regular basis.  But there is one more compelling reason why we need Managed Services for the Cloud Data Center. The BIG advantage of Cloud is the elasticity and agility. With regular monitoring we can keep fine tuning the Cloud Infrastructure which will lead to greater cost savings due to increase in efficiencies.

The Managed Services Pack Chart is given here for reference:

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