Time Management

In the hyper connected 24×7 World of today, many of us feel challenged when it comes to managing our time. So Time Management has become  crucial for all of us.   

Typical Work day for most of us consists of:

  • Internal Meetings 
  • External Meetings 
  • Tasks  
  • Interruptions 
  • Email 
  • Documentation
  • Searching for Information

Using various tools and processes, TechGyan helps you to get most out of your Work Day by streamlining almost all segments. 

To take one example, let us look at Internal Meetings. On analysis, we find that in a typical Internal meeting, the time is spent in the following activities:

  • Scheduling a Meeting 

  • Actual Meeting

  • Discuss and assign Tasks

  • Review Tasks

So our Tools and Processes will ensure that, all the above 4 activities are done more efficiently. This will result in better Time Management. 

If you are interested in knowing how You can do Better Time Management at the Organizational level  kindly, 




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