Meeting & Calling

In a Hybrid Work Environment of today, where people are working from Office + Home + Anywhere,  it is critical  to have an effective system of Collaboration. And yes we find people collaborating using multiple ways, typically a mix of Email + Telephone + Face to Face meetings +  Zoom Calls + WhatsApp calls + some more. This fragmented approach is a sure way to make collaboration a painful experience.  

So please ask these questions to yourself : 

  1. Do you have a Single System for Voice, Video, & Conferencing across your Organiztion ?

  2. Do you have a System by which you can Do Online Meeting with people inside & outside your Organization ?

  3. Do you have the System by which you can add up to 250 User in one Meeting ?

  4. Once Meeting is started are you able to add any new member? 

  5. Are you able to keep the meeting as safe as possible? 

  6. Are you able to Turn On /Off Video and Microphones? 

  7. Are you able to assign different roles( presenter or attendee) while scheduling meeting? 

  8. Are you able to share Meeting Notes with Attendee? 

  9. While you Are doing video conferencing and you want to hide Background Are you able to Blur the  background and use background Themes? 

  10. Do you have a system by which you can share your screen in on going meeting? 

  11. If Yes, Can You decide whether you need to show your entire desktop, or just a specific window? 

  12. If someone is sharing their desktop or an application, Are you able to  request the presenter to give you control? 

  13. Are you able to record the Meeting? 

  14. Do you have system where you can store recorded meeting ? 

  15. Using that application Attendees are able to see Recorded Meeting? 

  16. Do you have the system by which you can see Live Caption? 

  17. If you joint a meeting in Desktop can you switch meeting from Desktop to Mobile? 

  18. Do you have the system by which Organizer can end the meeting for all the attendee? 

  19. Can you send out surveys or polls and get real-time result? 

  20. Do you have a system by which you will get all attendee Names list after the meeting? 

If Your answer is No for the above questions, then You need a effective system for Meeting & Calling.

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