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Education is a Critical segment for India. It is also an area where we are focused on delivering quality Services. This need has become more pronounced now as it is no longer possible to deliver Education to Students as was done before. As a result, all the Educational Institutes are struggling to come up with a Platform which will allow them to deliver Quality Education. 

We are pleased to introduce Teamwork 365 for Education. It is a Managed Education  Service which runs over Microsoft 365 Platform. It aims to deliver Education as an Online Service to Educators and Students.  

Watch the Video which explains what this Service delivers:

As explained in the Video, the Solutions is able to deliver following Online Services:

  1. An Online Class Team  for every Class. This will also have provision for various Class Subjects. 
  2. A separate Staff Room for discussions. 
  3. Different roles to different people like Teachers; Student 
  4. Ability to publish Timetable or schedule for upcoming subjects. 
  5. Provision to share reading material with the students. 
  6. Teachers can run Audio or Video as aids in Teaching. 
  7. Only the Students who are authenticated can attend Classes. 
  8. Teachers can mute all Students in one Click. 
  9. Teachers can record lectures to allow the students to review them at a later date. 
  10. Students can take assignments given by the teachers . 
  11. Teachers can take a quick poll or feedback . 
  12. Based on the assignments given Students can be given grades. 
  13. Teachers have host of tools to monitor the performance of Students. 
  14. Teachers can also take Class Attendance. 
and much more….

In addition to the above Service for delivering Online teaching experience, we can help you in many other areas listed below: 

  1. Email Management System. We will give you the World’s Best Email Platform and then manage it for you on regular basis.  
  2. Document Management System. We will create for you a Digital Document Management System. 
  3. Modern Desktop System. We will assist you in setting up a modern Desktop with latest Windows 10 and MS Office for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff. 
  4. Central Management of all PCs and Mobiles. We will manage all your PCs and Mobiles centrally with the Best Security Tools. 

And the good news is that most of the tools we spoke of will be available at zero or very low cost.  

Read about how we worked with a leading Education Institute to deliver World Class Services Digital Transformation at The Bombay College of Pharmacy  

And if you need a World Class System to manage your day to  day Operations like Student Management; Fees Management , etc. we can connect you with the Leading Service Providers of the World. 

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