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Education has been a focus area for Microsoft and TechGyan. We have a comprehensive range of Solutions for Education Institutes . Let us review some of these Solutions:

  • Specially discounted Software Licenses 
  • Office 365 for Education 
  • OneNote Class Notebook 
  • Intune for Education
  • Azure for Identity Protection & more

Specially discounted Software Licenses

We offer a full range of Microsoft Software licenses like MS Office , Windows Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio at a HUGE discount as compared to the regular commercial prices . For example , MS Office license for Business is available at about Rs. 20,000 plus taxes . But the same license is available for Education at 20% of the cost.

Office 365 for Education

Office 365 for Education is the World’s BEST Productivity Platform. And the good news is that its absolutely  FREE for Students, Faculty & Staff. It consists of the following services:

  • Exchange 
  • SharePoint 
  • OneDrive
  • Skype for Business 
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Forms
  • Stream 
  • Flow  
  • PowerApps 
  • Outlook Online 
  • Word Online 
  • Excel Online
  • PowerPoint Online 
  • OneNote Online

The typical cost for the above for a Business User is Rs. 300 per user per month. But for Students and Teachers and Staff, its absolutely free. We will only charge for setup and deployment and Training. This cost is  typically about 10% of the cost of Office 365 deployment. So in effect , you get a 90% discount on the Office 365 deployment

OneNote in Education

OneNote is a Comprehensive Solution for Education. Some of the common applications for OneNote are: 

  • Organize Digital Content by Sections and pages 
  • Teachers can access , collaborate and share content with Students 
  • Add text, images, audio, video, digital ink to any page 
  • Searching and Tagging 
  • Teachers can access 24×7 the digital binders of every student

Intune for Education

Intune is a perfect Solution for Device management. You can manage PCs, Mobiles and Tablets.

Azure for Identity Protection & more…

Azure Active Directory is a great service for Cloud based Identity Management. In addition to Identity Management, Azure also is useful to Education Institutes in multiple ways. It can be used for research staff, teaching staff, students and also academic institutes. 

To know how Azure can be used by Education Institutes, request us for a White Paper and we shall send across the same to you. 

And all these Solutions come to you from TechGyan , a Microsoft Authorized GOLD Education Partner. One huge difference you will experience when you work with TechGyan is that we go way beyond the products . Our core expertise is in consulting. So we ensure that you do not get just products , but a Comprehensive Digital Solution for Education Campus. And we can also help you in implementing core ERP Solutions for the Campus which will ensure that you are well and truly part of Digital Revolution!

If you wish to know, How Your Educational Institute can benefit from the Solutions provided by TechGyan kindly, 



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