Intune Device Management

The Intune cloud services helps you centrally manage and secure PCs, Tablets and Mobiles through a simple, web-based console. 

The result? You can manage devices that are virtually anywhere—from virtually anywhere.

  • Help your employees be more secure.

With Intune, you can help protect against malware and threats by using the web-based console to manage Windows endpoint protection, Microsoft updates and service packs, and firewall and protection settings. Then, proactively identify and resolve problems by setting up custom alerts.

  • Enable True Mobility

Help your employees get more done on the road with Intune, without sacrificing control over their PCs. You can deploy most Microsoft software and many third-party applications through the cloud, provide remote assistance–even remotely initiate on-demand malware scans, forced restarts, or malware definition updates on out-of-the-office PCs.

  • Boost Productivity

Did you know that Intune is a great way to manage your hardware assets and software licenses? Plus, you can create and save a wide range of custom reports, and import data into Microsoft Excel® for further analysis.

Device and Application Management with Intune

  • Cloud-based management for iOS, Mac OS X, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows PCs
  • Remove company data from an employee’s device while leaving their personal data in place.
  • Restrict actions like copy, cut, paste, and save as, to only those apps managed by Intune
  • You can provide users with the ability to enroll their own devices for management as well as install corporate applications from the self-service Company Portal
  • Hardware and Software Inventory.
  • Endpoint Protection against Malware and other threats with built in multiple scanning engines
  • Secure Cloud based Patch Management leading to less downtime due to more secure PCs and laptops.
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Enforcement of Security Policies including passwords on mobile device so that only approved devices can access Corporate Data
  • Remote wipe of lost devices so that Corporate Data does not fall into wrong hands
  • Setup Remote Lock of the device so that even if device is lost, it remains locked
  • Wipe Device after fixed number of failed login attempts.
  • Setup mandatory pass code for Office Apps so that even if device falls in wrong hands, the Office data would remain inaccessible

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