SecureIT 365 Managed Services

TechGyan is a Worldwide award-winning Technology and Consulting Services Company, based out of Mumbai, India. We provide Cloud based Productivity and Digital Security Solutions to Small & Mid-sized Indian and International Customers. We are a Gold Certified Microsoft Cloud Partner. Our Solutions are based on Platforms of Microsoft like Microsoft 365 which includes Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security; and Azure.

To get the best of Productivity and Security benefit of using Microsoft 365 you need to take care of 3 aspects

  1. Proper initial Implementation.

  2. Ongoing Support.

  3. Continuous implementation of new features and workloads.

TechGyan offers a range of Security Services over complete Life Cycle of the Solution Usage as follows:

ActivityCategorySecureIT 365 BasicSecureIT 365 StandardSecureIT 365 Premium
MFA StatusIdentityQuarterlyMonthlyMonthly
SPF , DKIM, DMARC RecordIdentityQuarterlyMonthlyMonthly
Risky Users StatusIdentityQuaterlyDaily Daily
Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.IdentityNoAs requiredAs required
Self Service Password Reset reportIdentityNoDailyDaily
Passwordless AuthenticationIdentityNoNoYes
Conditional AccessIdentityNoNoYes
Device Compliance reportDevicesNoDailyDaily
Device Compliance ActionDevicesNoAs requiredAs required
Mobile Device EnrollmentDevicesNoAs requiredAs required
Wipe device in case its lostDevicesNoAs requiredAs required
Block unsupported devices from accessing Corporate EmailDevicesNoAs requiredAs required
Setup Password PolicyDevicesNoAs requiredAs required
View List of blocked devicesDevicesNoAs requiredAs required
Unblock non compliant or unsupported device for a user or group of usersDevicesNoAs requiredAs required
Windows Information Protection ManagementDevicesNoNoAs required
Azure AD RegisterDevicesNoNoAs required
Azure AD JoinDevicesNoNoAs required
Windows AutopilotDevices NoNoAs required
Application GuardDevicesNoNoAs required
Application ControlDevicesNoNoAs required
Active Threat reportThreat ManagementNoDailyDaily
Active Threat ActionThreat ManagementNoAs requiredAs required
Devices needing ProtectionThreat ManagementNoDailyDaily
Devices Protection ActionThreat ManagementNoAs requiredAs required
Devices needing ScanThreat ManagementNoDailyDaily
Device Scan actionThreat ManagementNoAs requiredAs required
Devices needing updatesThreat ManagementNoDailyDaily
Device update actionThreat ManagementNoAs requiredAs required
User Communication on required actionsUsersNoAs requiredAs required
Active , Mitigated , Resolved and Allowed Threat reportThreat ManagementNoDailyDaily
Take action on Threats detectedThreat ManagementNoAs requiredAs required
Anti Virus Protection TabThreat ManagementNoDailyDaily
Review Guest Users across all GroupsAuditNoQuarterlyQuarterly
Alert PoliciesInformation ProtectionNoAs requiredAs required
Email DLP StandardInformation ProtectionNoAs requiredAs required
SharePoint DLP StandardInformation ProtectionNoAs requiredAs required
OneDrive DLPInformation ProtectionNoAs requiredAs required
Teams DLPInformation ProtectionNoAs requiredAs required
Control access to Exchange Online, SharePoint Online , Outlook from cerrain devices without IntuneInformation ProtectionNoAs requiredAs required
Sensitivity Labels DLPInformation ProtectionNoNoAs required
Bitlocker ManagementInformation ProtectionNoNoAs required
Exchange Email retentionGovernanceNoAs requiredAs required
SharePoint Sites retentionGovernanceNoNoYes
OneDrive Accounts retentionGovernanceNoNoYes
Microsoft 365 Groups retentionGovernanceNoNoYes
Teams Channel Messages retentionGovernanceNoNoYes
Teams Chat retentionGovernanceNoNoYes
Teams Private Channel Messages retentionGovernanceNoNoYes
Yammer Community messages retentionGovernanceNoNoYes
Yammer User Messages retentionGovernanceNoNoYes
End Point AnalyticsNoNoYes
Azure Information ProtectionNoNoYes
Advanced Security Reports & AlertsNoNoYes
App ProxyNoNoYes
Azure AD Connect HealthNoNoYes
Azure AD Password ProtectionNoNoYes
Cloud App DiscoveryNoNoYes
Enterprise State RoamingNoNoYes
Shared Account Password RolloverNoNoYes
Windows Update for BusinessNoNoYes
LicensesM 365 Business Basic and AboveM 365 Business Basic and AboveM 365 Business Premium and Above

So do connect with us and give your Productivity a Boost with the help of Consultants from TechGyan. 



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