Microsoft Teams

Now you can finally stop using WhatsApp & Facebook for Organizational Work. Introducing Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams comes bundled with many features. We shall attempt to explore these features and list them below so that you can explore them. We urge you to spend some time on this page and list out the features you want to implement in your Company. Next you can contact us and explore how these can be implemented. We are also continuously adding new features to this page. So, do visit this page frequently to know what’s new.

Microsoft Teams is the new addition to the Office 365 Family of Productivity Platform. It offers a wonderful Platform for Communication and Collaboration within an Organization. It is also extremely well integrated with other workloads of Office 365 like Office 365 Groups, SharePoint, Planner, Skype for Business, thus helping Companies, large and small get more Productivity out of their Office 365 investment. We believe it can help reduce the internal Emails in an Organization and help in increasing Organizational Productivity.

A. Standard Features

  • Personal Chat.
  • Team’s Group Chat
  • Team & Channels
  • Files and Notes
  • Team Meetings with Skype Integration

B. Advanced Features

  • Customizable Themes
  • T- Bot
  • WhoBot
  • Emoticons, Stickers, Customizable Emoji’s
  • Add Tabs to Teams
  • Team Video Meetings
  • Third Party App Integration

B. Mobility Features

  • Teams Mobile App

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