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Digital India: Empowering the NGOs’ with Cloud and Mobility

Digital India is a very ambitious program of Govt. of India. Digital India, the vision of Digital India program is to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. While the Govt. will be doing what is needed using its machinery, one important segment which is doing a great job and can be leveraged is the Not For Profits or NGOs. On daily basis , thousands of NGOs are working with millions of Indians on issues which are at the core of their existence.

Traditionally , Microsoft has been donating lot of Software to the NGOs via NASSCOM Foundation. However, more often than not , the donated software was not put to effective use by the NGOs. TechGyan , a Microsoft Gold Certified Cloud Partner , has been working very closely with Microsoft and NASSCOM Foundation in conducting workshops all over India. One topic which was discussed was how to ensure that the donated software was used effectively.

As a first step , a need was felt to clearly identify the ICT needs of the NGOs. So NASSCOM Foundation engaged the services of TechGyan to assist it in devising an online ICT Audit. The same is LIVE ICT Audit Website .

Once the gap analysis is done , TechGyan next assists the NGOs to get the software from NASSCOM Foundation. After the software is procured at highly discounted prices, TechGyan then assists the NGOs in implementing the same and thereby achieve Digital Transformation.

Typically , for any Digital Transformation Project, there are 3 costs involved:

The Software Services component is usually about 75% of the cost over a 3 year period. So what this means is that for an NGO, the Cloud Service is available at no cost. They only need to pay for Implementation and Managed Services.

Some of the Digital Transformation Services which we offer for the NGOs are:

TechGyan has worked with many NGOs on Digital Transformation Projects . Some of them are listed Here.

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