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Financial Services, or BFSI ( Banking and Financial Services Industries) is one of the most regulated Industries. Verticals include retail banking, capital markets, wealth management, insurance. Government, industry and other regulations pressure financial services organizations to effectively manage capital and institute strong policies and procedures for supervisory review and market disclosure. They have some very specific requirements in terms of Technology. 

Some of these requirements are listed below:

Business needs:

  • Security &Privacy: The Financial sector is very sensitive towards data security in general and very sensitive towards their data or handling of their data. There is a need for Data to be encrypted on all devices used by Employees. Also important is the ability to wipe devices in case of Theft or loss of device. There is a need for Security across 3 main areas of concern a) Email b) Device c) User 
  • Regulatory: Considering the Cloud Technologies, the regulatory requirement states that Data Center should be in the geography where the Client is located.
  • Mobility: Many of the Employees are always on the move. So there is a need for people to Communicate and Collaborate on the go.
  • Analytics / Data: The firms specialize in providing their customers with financial analytics. So there is a need for tools which can help in getting powerful insights and in visualizing Data.
  • Productivity: The biggest assets of Financial Companies are the Employees. So providing tools to Employees which help in increasing Productivity is always Top of the Mind. So a need is to provide Employees with a complete solution across Communication, Collaboration, Data Analytics and Security.

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