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Team work is the essence of today’s workforce . However, what is lacking is the right tools to make Teamwork effective. Due to lack of information about the availability and use of these tools, most of the users end up using Email to collaborate . But collaborating via emails is not efficient . One of the best tools available for collaboration is SharePoint Online.

When you subscribe to SharePoint Online, you get 25 TB of space for the Company. In addition to this , you also get 500 MB per user . All this storage space can be combined and used as per Customer needs.

Sharepoint Online Features

A. Standard Features

Type: Library 

  • Document library: A place of storing documents or other files that you want to share. Documents libraries allow folder, versioning and check out.
  • Picture Library: A place to upload and share pictures.

Type: List

  • Announcement: announcement list is used to post news, status and other information which you want to share with your team members.
  • Calendar: You can use a calendar to store team events, including meetings, social events, and all-day events. You can also track team milestones, such as deadlines or product release dates, that are not specific to a time interval.
  • Contacts: A SharePoint contacts list can help a team maintain contact information for people they may need to reach. This could include other clients, or vendors, etc. SharePoint Contact list can get synchronized with Microsoft Outlook and other compatible programs.
  • Discussion Board: A place to have newsgroup-style discussions. Discussion boards makes it easy to manage discussion threads and can be configured to require approval for all posts.
  • Link: The link list is nothing but your favorites. A place to store your webpages and other resources.
  • Task: A place for team or personal task.

Type: Site

  • Team Site: A site for teams to quickly organize, author, and share information. It provides a document library, and list for managing announcements, calendar items, tasks, and discussions.
  • Access SharePoint Document Library from One Drive for Business
  • Accessing SharePoint Document Library from One Drive for Business.
  • OneNote & SharePoint: One Note is a Note taking application. It consists of Sections and within sections are pages. And it accepts wide variety of inputs – regular typing as in Word, audio, video, pictures, hand writing if your device supports it. In short, it’s extremely versatile. And what adds to its versatility is that it’s available on all Platforms including all Mobile Platforms like Apple, Android, and Windows Phone. Now when you take such a versatile application and combine it with SharePoint, you get Magic!

B. Productivity Solutions

  • Document Management System
  • Wikis or Knowledgebase
  • SharePoint Mobile App – Microsoft has launched a versatile SharePoint Mobile App which gives allows users to leverage the power of SharePoint using a regular Mobile Phone

C. Compliance and Security Features

SharePoint Document Audit Log. A very compelling Business Use case for SharePoint is its rich feature set for Document Management. The Admin can also generate a very informative Audit log which will throw up lot of information.

  • My Profile: My Site profile is a way to track and share information about yourself, such as your responsibilities and interests. If you are following colleagues, some of your profile details can help you track the interests and activities of your colleagues as well.
  • Ask Me About: Use this setting for describing your projects, responsibilities, and areas of knowledge. These keywords will appear in the Ask Me About section in your profile, and colleagues can click on a keyword to ask you a question with your Note Board. By default, this information displays to everyone and privacy categories cannot be applied to it.
  • My Newsfeed: My Newsfeed feature is similar to Wall in Facebook. It allows us to see the activities of our colleague such as comments they are making and items they are tagging.
  • Note Board: It is a social tagging feature which enables users to add comments about Web pages, documents, and library items to be tracked in a central location.
  • Photos and Presence: Help people recognize each other with photos. Use presence to email, IM, or call someone with the click of a button.
  • Recent Activities: It is a web part that shows recent activity of yours.
  • Status Updates: Your status message appears next to your picture, and is a way to tell colleagues what you are currently thinking or doing. For example, you might tell them you are excited about a project or working on a new presentation. Each time you change your status message, it will appear in the Newsfeed of the people who are following you.

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