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Professional  Services would include Customer segments like Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and other firms providing various Professional Services. They have some very specific challenges some of which ts are listed below:

Business needs:

  • Infrastructure and Compliance: Professional services firms want to rationalize and simplify security and compliance. They also want to replace labor-intensive manual processes so employees can focus on billable work.Be more efficient and effective while meeting regulatory requirements. Reduce the compliance burden and associated costs by ensuring that devices and client data are more secure and manageable. Efficiently respond to regulator requests for data while reducing time spent on e Discovery and maintaining audit trails. There is a need for Security across 3 main areas of concern a) Email b) Device c) User .
  • Regulatory: Certain sectors , especially Law Firms have to comply with the regulatory requirement which states that Data Center should be in the geography where the Client is located.
  • Mobility: Many of the Employees are always on the move. So there is a need for people to Communicate and Collaborate on the go.
  • Analytics / Data: Gain a 360-degree view of the client’s relationship and interactions across sales, service, marketing, and claims management. Help coordinate relationship management efforts across people and channels by providing a single view of a client’s activities. find new ways to understand clients, acquire customers, and increase retention.
  • Employee Productivity: The biggest assets of Professional  Companies are the Employees. So providing tools to Employees which help in increasing Productivity is always Top of the Mind. So a need is to provide Employees with a complete solution across Communication, Collaboration , Data Analytics and Security .Support for flexible, mobile work styles and improved business insights are critical . There is a big need to provide tools for professionals to collaborate with peers, including online meetings and co-authoring documents with multiple people in real time. Also there is a need to spend more time with clients by easily connecting with the right experts to efficiently resolve inquiries.

Some of the Solutions which we have implemented for Professional Services firms are :

  1. Email Management
  2. Document Management
  3. Meeting & Calling
  4. Task Management
  5. Knowledge Management
  6. Security and Compliance

TechGyan has been servicing Firms providing Professional Services for a long time. Some of our Customers are listed here.

We have also listed a few Customer Success stories here.

For each of the concern listed above, TechGyan has a compelling Solution which is Comprehensive and easy to manage.

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