Manage your task with Planner

Planner is a new Productivity Tool which is now delivered with the Office 365 Productivity Platform. Using Planner, you can create new plans, organize tasks, assign tasks, share files, and get updates on the tasks. And much more.

Given below is the snap shot of the Planner hub. On the left, you can see 3 favorite plans and 2 other plans. And you get wonderful visual of the various tasks within the plans.

Planner | TechGyan - Cloud Changes Everything

Then you can go into a specific plan to see the details of the same. Here you get 3 views: Buckets, Assigned to and Progress view. The picture below shows a bucket view of all the tasks. What you can see is 4 buckets viz. Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, Azure AD. So, at a glance we can see all the tasks within Exchange Bucket, for example. At the click of the button, you can get a view by Assigned to.

Planner | TechGyan - Cloud Changes Everything

You can also go within the task and put in various details. In the picture below, you can see that one can attach a file, put a link, create a checklist of that task.

And to take the Productivity to the next level, you can also use the Planner from any Mobile Device. The Planner app is now available on Mobiles.

All in all, it’s a great tool for managing Tasks across your Organization.

Planner | TechGyan - Cloud Changes Everything

Office 365 Integration

Planner is tightly integrated with Office 365 Groups . So, if you create a new Project in Planner, automatically a new Office 365 Group is created and vice versa.

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