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Skype for Business is a great tool for Unified Communication (UC) that integrates Collaboration Technologies such as Calendaring, Email, Web Conferencing, Team rooms and Instant Messaging (IM) with communication tools which include telephones (landlines & mobile), audio, video and voice messaging.

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Skype for Business combines the ease of Use of Skype with the Business features of Lync Online to deliver a compelling Solution in one package. It is available as a part of Office 365 Productivity Solution. It is also available as a standalone Solution.

One major difference between Lync Online and Skype for Business is the ease with which a user can connect with a Skype User. This was not possible using Lync Online.

Difference between Skype and Skype for Business:

Skype for Business does everything that is done via Skype. But it has some very interesting features which make it compelling in an Organization. Skype for Business lets you add up to 250 people to online meetings, gives you enterprise-grade security, allows you to manage employee accounts, and is integrated into your Office apps.

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In the image, you can see that the person Suresh Ramani is in a meeting. At the same time, in the favorites, you can see a mix of Contacts from organization (who are using Skype for Business) and also other contacts using Skype Consumer version. And on the right side of image, you can see various ways in which communication can take place, by Text chat, audio chat, video chat, etc. And these text chats get auto recorded in Outlook as well as Skype for Business Client.

TechGyan delivers the following Services around Skype for Business:

A. Standard Features

  • Presence & Instant Messaging
  • Public Status
  • Audio Calling
  • Video Calling
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Text Chatting

B. Advanced Implementations

  • Polls
  • Application Sharing
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Online Meeting
  • Document viewer

C. Security and Compliance

  • External user Restriction in Skype For Business

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