Block USB Storage Devices

USB devices like Pen Drives and external hard Disks are very popular as storage devices. But when a USB device is used in an unsupervised way on your network, it can lead to data theft or the introduction of viruses. As a cheap, or an easy way to transfer or back up the data, firms often overlook the threats posed by USB drives. A Single USB drive can collapse an entire network if managed improperly.

Here are some reasons why enterprises need to worry about USB Storage devices:

  • An unhappy employee can easily steal data

An employee can transfer confidential information to a USB drive when they leave, including client databases, emails, calendar appointments, and contact lists. This can have serious consequences for the firm. Imagine your Data falling in the hands of your Competitor! Scary! 

  •  Loss of Productivity

Its not always about the loss of Data. Employees could even get their games and videos and play during office hours away from the eyes of their Manager. This leads to loss of Productivity.

So, there is a Business need to block the USB. However, if you block the same, the challenge will be how to connect the devices like Keyboard and Mouse which are USB based in many cases. Due to this issue, the USB is not blocked.

The Solution

Under our SecureIT 365 Solution , we offer you a smart way of blocking USB for Pen Drives and Hard Disks but NOT for Keyboards and Mouse.

Here is the screenshot where you can see the various drives of the PC before applying the policy. The Drive G is the USB Storage:

And we can also access data available in it.

Now after we apply the Policy when we connect any removable storage device. We are not able to do so, and we get the message ‘Access is denied’.

In this way TechGyan can ensure that you can minimize the chances of Data Leakage via USB Storage. And we also have the flexibility of applying it to specific groups in the Company.

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