TeamWork365 May 2020 Updates

Exploring May 2020 Updates in Our Solution TeamWork365

1. Video on TeamWork 365

We have created a short video on our Teamwork 365 Solution. This explains how users can leverage this Solution to improve Productivity. 

To watch the video on YouTube, click 

To watch the video on our Teamwork 365 Solution page, visit 

2. Easy access of meeting options and settings during a Teams meeting

When creating a meeting, the recommended practice is to review settings for the Team. These include: 

  1. Who can bypass the lobby? 
  2. Announce when callers join or leave
  3. Who can present?  

But we do forget to make the change. But now meeting Organizers can quickly and easily change their presenter and lobby settings once a meeting has started by providing a link directly in the participants pane. This new functionality is available for both scheduled and “Meet Now” meetings.

3. Download a participant report in a Teams meeting

Meeting organizers often need to know who joined their Teams meetings. You can download a participant report, found in the roster view that includes join and leave times for participants. Available in the roster view, meeting organizers can download the report that includes those users who joined while the organizer was present. This feature is only available within the meeting while the meeting is active. 

4. Set background effects in Teams meeting

Often when we work from home, our background is something that we wish to hide.  Now there are variety of options available.  Options include background blur only; use background blur and default provided images; and all, which includes the ability for users to upload their own custom images.

5. Pop out chats into separate windows

Often when we are in a Teams meeting or we are in a group chat or collaborating on a Document, a need is felt to refer to an existing chat for data. This was painful and it meant switching back and forth. Now we can pop out chats into separate windows. This allows people to move more easily between ongoing conversations. 

6. Change in meeting join experience

Today, anyone within an organization can do a Teams meeting, regardless if they are the meeting organizer or not. Moving forward, this will be restricted to only those users who have been assigned a policy to create a meeting within their organization. Meeting attendees without the ability to create a meeting will see a pre-join screen indicating that the meeting hasn’t started. These individuals will be automatically admitted into the meeting once a user with permissions joins and starts the meeting. For example, where teachers are assigned a policy that enables them to create meetings, but students are not: if a student clicks on a Teams meeting not yet started by a teacher, they will be admitted into the meeting once a teacher has started a meeting. 

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