TeamWork 365 June 2020 Updates

Teamwork 365 Service continues to evolve. Here are the June 2020 update. These are mix of Microsoft Product enhancements as well as service deliverables to our Customers: 

1. Teams meeting attendee limit increases to 300 participants

The maximum number of participants allowed in a Team meeting has now been increased to 300. 

2. Scheduled meetings coming to the free version of Teams

Users of Teams free version can now schedule meetings and send out invitations in advance. You will have the option of either copying the meeting link to send or you can send the meeting invite via your Outlook or Google calendar. Currently, there is no time limit on meetings in the free version of Teams. 

3. Poll in Outlook

Create a real time poll in seconds when composing an email in Outlook. Once sent, recipients vote directly in email or click on an included link and vote in a browser window. You can then check poll results in real-time using the voting card. Poll is now pre-installed to your Outlook mailbox, so you no longer need to install the add-in yourself. 

4. Employee Surveys

Many of us are working remotely and there is a need to collect information from employees while planning to the eventual return to the office. There are many templates available for common scenarios to help teams create and share surveys in Teams Channels. Templates are available for following scenarios: 

  • Employee sentiment 
  • Employee issues and Challenges 
  • Employee Health Status 

5. Adding Stock Image to Documents

If you wanted to add a picture to your Document, and if you clicked on add picture, you got 2 options a) this device b) Online picture.    

Now you can see third option which is “Stock Images”. There is a huge library of ready to use images available which can make your document more attractive. 

6. Access Clipboard history

All of us use Clipboard to “Cut; Copy; Paste”.  Usually we have access to the latest Clip. But now you can access your Clip board history by just pressing Windows Key + V.  Try it. 

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