TeamWork 365 July 2020 Updates

Teamwork 365 Solution has got new updates for the month of July 2020. Here is the summary of the same: 

1. Search within a chat or channel

In Teams, now we can quickly search for any word within a Single Channel or in a chat. For searching there are two options available: 

a)Using Shortcut Key

Go to the chat or channel, press Ctrl+F (or Cmd+F for Mac), then type what you want to search for. You’ll get results from just that channel or chat.  

b)Using Search Bar:

In Search Bar Type \Find enter then type channel name and username enter and then type word you want to search. You’ll get results from just that channel or chat. 

2. Expand content in Teams

Using Expand Tab feature you can expand your Teams view, by which you can see all contents / files in one screen without scrolling right and left. 

3. Refresh files page in Tab

In Teams, you can refresh at any time to make sure you have the latest updates on your team’s files by clicking on Reload Tab. 

4. New view of Meet Now in Teams Channel

Now it’s easy to start a meeting in a channel. Select theMeet button at the top of a channel and choose suitable option from the dropdown. When you choose Meet nowyou’ll directly join the meeting & then invite the people. If you choose Schedule a Meeting, you can send a meeting invitation in advance. 

5. Channel Info Pane

If you want to know how much users have access in a particular Channeljust go to any Channel, then click i IconYou’ll get the About section; a list of all the members who have access to the channel; and people who’ve recently contributed to the channel.

6. Open SharePoint directly from post Tab

From Teams we can directly shift to SharePoint App by selecting Open in SharePoint option from three dots dropdown menu. It becomes easier for sales team to get approve in bills from senior person 

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