SecureIT 365 August 2020 Updates

SecureIT 365 has got new updates in August 2020. Let us examine some of them: 

1. Video on SecureIT 365

We have created a short video on our SecureIT 365 Solution.  

To watch the video on YouTube, click  

To watch the video on our SecureIT 365 Solution page, visit  

2. Device Compliance Reports using Intune/ Microsoft 365

Device compliance reports are meant to be broad in nature and provide a more traditional reporting view of data to identify aggregated metrics. This report is designed to work with large datasets to get a full device compliance picture. For example, the device compliance report for device compliance shows all the compliance states for devices to give a broader view of the data, no matter how large the dataset. This report shows the full breakdown of records in addition to a convenient visualization of aggregated metrics.  

Device compliance report (Organizational) 

Reports summary 

The device compliance report is available as the summary report in the Reports workload.

3. Report- only mode in conditional access 

Report-only mode is a new Conditional Access policy state that allows administrators to evaluate the impact of Conditional Access policies before enabling them in their environment. With the release of report-only mode: 

  • Conditional Access policies can be enabled in report-only mode. 
  • During sign-in, policies in report-only mode are evaluated but not enforced. 
  • Results are logged in the Conditional Access and Report-only tabs of the Sign-in log details. 
  • Customers with an Azure Monitor subscription can monitor the impact of their Conditional Access policies using the Conditional Access insights workbook.


  • Admins can evaluate the result as all the policy configurations are applied or not and satisfies or not 
  • Also check if other conditional access policy is conflicting with the current one or not. 



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