Conditional Access

As the movement to the Cloud becomes stronger by the day, we have been getting a few queries from our Customers who want the access to Cloud Services to  be given with a few conditions from Security point of view. Some of the questions that our Customers are asking :

  1. Can we ensure that the access to the Corporate Cloud is allowed only when the person is in the Office?
  2. Can we allow access to certain applications to only a group of people?
  3. For certain apps , can we have an additional layer of security like a OTP on a mobile phone?
  4. Can we restrict users from accessing Corporate Cloud  using a Mobile App or Mobile browser?
  5. Can we ensure that only Company devices are allowed to access Corporate Cloud Data?
  6. Can we ensure that only the devices which are a part of my Active Directory can access the Cloud?
  7. Can we know which user has accessed what data and at what time?

The good news is that all the above Security requirements can be met using EMS Suite. Now lets see some screen shots to understand what happens when the required policies are setup:

So if the user tries to access the Corporate Cloud from outside the  Office, he will get the following screen shot:

Now lets see how the additional layer of Security like OTP works. Incidentally, you can use OTP or just Tap on a Mobile App or get a phone Call:

Now if the User tries to access Corporate Email Cloud with his Mobile App, he will be asked to enroll his device before he can access the same. Note that we are taking an example of Email. But it could be any other Corporate App:

And if he tries to access Corporate Email using his Mobile browser instead of Mobile App, then

This is just one of the many features available in Enterprise Mobility + Security and also Microsoft 365  which makes it a great Solution for  Device Management  , whether Mobile or full blown PCs.

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