Windows 365 – The Ultimate Cloud PC

Welcome to the Hybrid World of Work!

To make Hybrid Work easier, we are pleased to introduce you to Windows 365,  your Windows PC in the Cloud. This is the second offering of Microsoft in the area of Cloud PC, with the first being Azure Virtual Desktop.

To know more about Cloud PC and also differences between Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365, please visit Desktop As a Service

About Windows 365

  • Windows 365 is a new category of hybrid personal computing that delivers Windows 10 or Windows 11, from Microsoft Cloud .

  • Windows 365 Cloud PC securely streams the full Windows experience – apps, data, and settings – from the Microsoft cloud down to any device and operating system. No matter where you are, or which device you are using, your whole personalized PC is always available with you.

  • By design it offers the highest levels of security and file management – even on employees’ personal devices. It is easy to access, always ready to travel with you, simple to buy, deploy and manage.

Windows 365 Business vs Enterprise

  • Windows 365 Business supports upto 300 users and the Enterprise edition supports unlimited users.

  • Windows 365 Business supports Azure AD Join while the Enterprise edition also supports Hybrid AD .

  • Windows 365 Business has no licensing pre requisites while the Enterprise edition must be licensed for Windows 10 or 11 Enterprise, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and Azure Active Directory P1.

Upcoming features

Next Steps

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