SAP on Azure

SAP is probably the most popular ERP system used by manufacturing Companies in India, especially the Small and Mid-sized Businesses (SMB) with less than 300 users. While a large number of deployments are still On Premise, more and more Companies are now looking at hosting SAP on Azure.

At TechGyan, we are helping our SMB Customers move their On-Premises SAP Applications to the Azure Cloud. Based on the experience of our Customers who have moved SAP to Azure, here are some of the reasons why SAP workloads should be moved to the Azure Cloud:

1. Scalability

Once you have invested in the On-Premises Infrastructure and if you are reaching capacity limits, then it is extremely difficult to move the same to higher configuration. The whole process is very slow and takes up lot of resources, both people as well as finance.

On Azure, when you run your SAP on a Virtual Server / Machine, you can upgrade the configuration literally within an hour. It’s that simple!

2. Asset Costs

The upfront costs of SAP Infrastructure are HUGE, be it the costs of Servers or Storage or Backup or Disaster Recovery.

On Azure, you can Pay as You Go. So, you pay every month, thus freeing up cash which can be used more productively.

3. Running Costs

To run On Premise Infrastructure for SAP, you need to have a High-Quality Data Center which comes with its associated costs.

On Azure, the associated costs of a Data Center are redundant. So, you save on Energy, Space, Cooling costs. You can also reduce running costs by using the Azure only for fixed hours a day, say, 10 hours a day, and get charged only for the time used.

4. Security

The Security of the On-Premises Infrastructure is as good as the expertise of the IT Team.  And the fact is that in SMB Customers, the ability to hire Top Class Security Experts is very difficult. 

On Azure, the World’s Best Security Experts are taking care of Azure Infrastructure, since the same Infrastructure is also used by leading Companies of the World. Of course, the User Data Security is the responsibility of the Customer, even on Azure.

5. Natural Disasters

The On-Premises Data Center will come to a stand still if there is any Natural Calamity like Fire; Earthquake; Flooding or even Theft of Asset. The only way to protect is by Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions which are very expensive.

On Azure, a Backup and Disaster Recovery Site is extremely cost effective, ensuring Business Continuity.

6. Staffing needs

To run On Premise Data Center, the required Staffing needs cover many areas like IT Admins; Server Admins; Network Admins; etc.

On Azure you need to only manage your Data and Apps. The complete Infrastructure is managed by experts from Microsoft   who handle Azure Infra. Azure Security; Physical Server Racks; Software Patches; Software Updates.

7. Reporting

When you use SAP On Premise, the reporting options are limited to build in SAP reports.  But on Azure you can look at creating dashboards using Power BI Tools giving a low code/no code Solution.

With so many advantages of using SAP on Azure, we urge you to consider moving your SAP from On Premise to Azure Cloud.

So, please do connect with us and we will help you in your journey to the Cloud.



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