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As India, along with rest of the World, slowly opens up again after the COVID induced lockdown, its time that the Small & Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) prepare for this uncertain future. This blog is aimed at the Indian SMBs who are in the process of slowly opening up. It has guidance and resources which can help the SMBs get back to Business.

In this Recovery phase, various regions will slowly reopen at different times, but new lockdowns could happen.

Subsequently when the vaccines and treatments become available, it has to be noted that uncertainty will continue, and situation will remain volatile.

In this highly volatile situation, SMBs need to consider a few Solutions which can help them navigate the Choppy waters.  We are clubbing these Solutions under the Umbrella SMB Back2Business.  The main categories are:

  1. Business Continuity Planning
  2. Long Term Resilience & Growth

A) Business Continuity Planning

Under this category, we have some specific Solutions to address the immediate needs of providing basic Business Continuity.  Some of these are listed below:

1) Meeting & Calling

Whether you work from Office or Home, the need to stay connected with your Team is the single biggest requirement. We offer a highly functional and cost-effective Solution. Read More…

2) Task Management

Tasks are an integral part of our lives. Whether it is Work, or Community or Family, our Life is nothing but a series of Tasks which need to be executed for us to achieve our objectives. However, managing these Tasks is a challenge for almost all of us. If we could just execute our Tasks better, our lives would become so much meaningful. Read More…

3) Document Management

One Application which is useful for all is Document Management System (DMS). Whether you are a small Company with 5 Computers or a large Enterprise with hundreds and thousands of Computers, managing Documents is an important task.  Document Management Services provided with Teamwork 365 allows Companies to do a much better Management of Documents. Read More…

4) Cloud Backup

In this Digital World, we all generate Data. And it is an accepted fact that the Data we generate needs to be backed up. Our Azure Cloud Backup Solution is highly efficient and cost effective even for the smallest of SMBs. Read More…

5) Cloud Desktop

With Companies moving their Teams to Work from Home, Desktop as a Service is a Solution whose time has come.  It allows you to move from CapEx to OpEx. Read More…

6) Tally on Cloud

Tally is the De Facto Accounting software used in SMBs.  With all this uncertainty, it makes lot of business sense to move Tally to the Cloud which will allow you to work on the Tally Cloud from anywhere.

7) Email and Document Security

With the work force spread all over, some in office and some at home, Cyber Criminals have increased their activity. And their favored entry point is Email and Documents. To address this specific issue, we are pleased to announce an Email and Document Security Service. Read More…

B) Long Term Resilience & Growth with Cloud Journey

This Category has Solutions that are designed to give you a roadmap which will take you on a path of Digital Transformation leading to long term resilience. Some of the Solutions are listed below:

1) Disaster Recovery

If your Primary IT Site goes down for any reason, a Disaster Recovery (DR) Site will let you run your entire IT system until your primary environment is up. So, we see that it is very different as compared to Data Backup. We offer On Premise to Cloud DR.  And Cloud to Cloud DR. Read More…

2) DataCenter Transformation

In the traditional On-Premises World, Organizations typically had an area of their office designated as a DataCenter which was used to house Servers, Networking components like switches and other heavy-duty IT equipment. With the shift which is currently occurring wherein the IT Infra is moving from On Premise to the Cloud, the DataCenter components are also moving to the Cloud. As a Trusted Cloud Solution Provider, TechGyan helps Customers move your DataCenter to Cloud under the Solution DataCenter 365. Read More…

3) Securing Your Identity

In a post COVID World, where the users are all distributed, the traditional Firewall has lost its significance.  Instead, Identity is the new Firewall. For IT Admins, Azure Active Directory provides an affordable, easy to use solution to give employees and business partners single sign-on (SSO) access to thousands of cloud SaaS Applications like Office365,, DropBox, etc. Read More…

4) Securing Your Information

Classify your data based on sensitivity. Protect your data at all times. Add visibility and control. Collaborate more securely with others. Read More…

5) Securing Your Devices

The Intune cloud services helps you centrally manage and secure PCs, Tablets and Mobiles through a simple, web-based console. The result? You can manage devices that are virtually anywhere—from virtually anywhere. Read More…

Combine this with Microsoft Defender for End Points and you get a robust end point protection Solution.  Read More…

6) Securing Your Cloud Apps

Microsoft Cloud App Security is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). It provides rich visibility, control over data travel, and sophisticated analytics to identify and combat cyberthreats across all your cloud services.  Read More…

7) SAP on Cloud

Many SMBs, especially in the Manufacturing sector, have invested in SAP On-Premises. By moving your Business-Critical SAP to the Azure Cloud, you will be able to get enhanced agility and scalability.

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