Azure Security Pack Premium

The Azure Security Pack Premium provides high quality Security Services. These require additional purchase of paid Platform services (marked in RED):

  • IAS for Azure

    • Check access for a User to Azure Resources

    • Define roles like Reader, Contributor, Owner, Resource specific or Custom

    • Assign roles to Groups

    • Check if all users have appropriate access

    • RBAC. Give only the required role

    • Single Sign on

    • Secure access to resources with MFA (SMS, Authenticator, Call)

    • Emergency Access accounts

    • Just In Time Access

    • Conditional Access

      • Location

      • IP range

      • Device Compliance

    • Self Service Password reset

  • Azure Strengthen Security Posture

    • Cloud Security Posture Management

    • Secure Score

    • Asset Management with Inventory of Azure resources

    • Security Alert Management

    • Regulatory Compliance Panel

    • Security Recommendations and insights

  • Information Protection

    • Storage Protection

    • Azure Information Protection

    • Azure Firewall

  • Threat Protection

    • Microsoft Anti Malware for VM and Azure Cloud Services

    • RDP port masking

    • Azure Defender to protect VMs, Databases and Storage

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