Outlook Ouick Steps

What is Quick Steps:

Quick Steps apply multiple actions at the same time to email messages. This helps you quickly manage your mailbox. For example, if you frequently move messages to a specific folder, you can use a Quick Step to move the message in one click. Or, if you forward messages to your manager or peers, a one-click Quick Step can simplify the task.

The Quick Steps included with Outlook can be customized. You can also create your own to make a Quick Steps gallery of mail actions that you take most often.

[Note: Quick Steps cannot be undone using a menu command or with a keyboard shortcut like Ctrl+Z. This is because Quick Steps can contain actions such as Permanently Delete that are not able to be undone.]

Default Quick Steps

You can customize any of the default Quick Steps. When you use some Quick Steps for the first time, you are prompted to configure them. For example, if you want a Quick Step to move messages to a certain folder, you must specify the folder before you can use the Quick Step.

Default Quick Steps in Outlook include the following:

With Quick Steps, you can save time. What’s more, you can even create your own customized Quick Steps.  Its one of the many tools and processes used by TechGyan for deployment of our Time Management Solution.

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