Calendar Sharing in Office365

Most of us are heavy users of a Calendar whether on a PC using MS Outlook, or on our Mobile Phones. MS Exchange Online, which is a part of Office365, takes Calendaring to a different level. It ensures that the Calendar is in sync across your Outlook, your browser, your tablet and your Mobile Phone. It does not end here. You can share your Calendar with others. This opens very interesting possibilities. Let’s explore Calendar sharing in depth:

What you see in the picture below is the Calendar of a user “Neelam”. When you check the Calendar properties, you find that the same is shared with 2 people “Eram” and “Vishwajeet”. These 2 names are circled in red.  Please note that the permission level for Vishwajeet is “can edit” meaning he can open the Calendar of Neelam from his PC and make edits to the Calendar. On the other hand, Eram can only see free/busy time. She cannot see the meeting details as seen by Vishwajeet.

This opens a few interesting options. Suppose there is a call from Microsoft Cloud Director who wants a meeting with Neelam. But Neelam is in a meeting outside office and has asked not to be disturbed.  What Vishwajeet can do is that she can open the Shared Calendar of Neelam as shown below.

Next, he will have the view of the Calendar of Neelam. Please check the view below where you see 2 Calendars opened side by side i.e. Vishwajeet and Neelam.

Vishwajeet can see that Neelam has a review meeting on 10th June between 2 PM and 2:30 PM. However, she can meet at 4 PM. So, he can go ahead and edit the Calendar of Neelam and adds the meeting with Microsoft Cloud Director at 4 PM in Kalina. Immediately this meeting will get reflected in the Calendar of the mobile of Neelam as seen in the picture below:

This way Vishwajeet can fix meeting for Neelam without,

     1) Asking the Customer that she will get back after checking with Suresh.


     2) Calling Neelam to know if she is free. 

Thus, we see that sharing of Calendars can help in increasing the productivity besides creating the right impact with your business associates.

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