Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation


Whether we surf the Internet, or watch the news, one term which we keep hearing is how Digital Transformation is changing the landscape of various Industries. But many people tend to mix up Digitization with Digital Transformation. So let’s first understand what is Digital Transformation.  In simple words, its application of Digital Technologies to create change in Business Processes.

For Digital Transformation to succeed, one important pre requisite is Cultural Change within an Organization. And with the advent of Cloud Technologies, Digital Transformation has got a big boost.

How to adopt Digital Transformation

Let’s understand how we can implement Digital Transformation. There are 4 Solution Areas around which we can achieve Digital Transformation .

  1. Modern Workplace: Here the focus in on 3 pillars which are Communication; Collaboration; Security. TechGyan is extremely active in providing Modern Workplace Solutions. Our platforms of choice are;
    1. Office 365
    2. Windows 10 Pro
    3. Enterprise Mobility plus Security
  2. Business Applications : These cover areas like CRM (Customer Relation Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).
  3. Applications and Infrastructure : TechGyan is active in some of the areas in this Solution Area especially around Backup ; Business Continuity ; Disaster Recovery ; Data Center in the Cloud . Our platforms of choice are;
    1. Windows Server
    2. Azure

Data and Artificial Intelligence : These cover  Bid Data ; IoT ; AI, etc. TechGyan does not offer Solutions in this area . But we can connect you with the Partner with right expertise .

The Solutions so implemented results in the following outcomes:

  1. Empower your Employees
    1. Business Impact is to Boost Team Productivity
    2. Solution Benefits are Work better together ; Provide anywhere access to business information ; protect data wherever it goes
  2. Engage your Customer
    1. Business Impact is to Increase Customer Engagement
    2. Solutions benefits will be Increase Sales Productivity ; Improve Customer acquisition and loyalty ; Help ensure customer data is private and safe
  3. Optimize your operations
    1. Business Impact is to drive efficiency
    2. Solution Benefits will be Flexible IT to fit your business ; Optimize business processes ; Support business continuity and security
  4. Transform your products or services
    1. Business Impact is to Innovate with agility
    2. Solution benefits are to Transform how you run your business ; Reinvent your market offering ; Trusted Security to protect your business as you innovate.

If you wish to explore the option of Digital Transformation For Your Organization kindly, 



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