Bombay College of Pharmacy Secures its Molecules on the Cloud

The education sector in India is undergoing a vast transformation at a rapid pace and technology is accelerating this momentum. The transformation is not only leading to a total disruption of learning modules and methodologies but is also enhancing the traditional operations of large educational

Business Overview

Starting in 1957 with a Diploma in Pharmacy, the Bombay College of Pharmacy (BCP), over the past 60 years has grown in stature and offers highly acclaimed Bachelor’s, master’s and Doctoral degrees. The institute has nurtured over 2200 graduates, 700+ post graduates and close to 200 PHDs, contributing to over 300 industry defining projects along the way. The institute decided to transform its:

  • Faculty > student connect for rendering course curriculum.

  • Collaboration amongst the students to foster a collective learning environment, that’s secure, facilitates on-the-go access and automated for routine and mundane workflows.

The institute was leveraging Gmail for all its email correspondence and local storage for data backups. The Gmail interface didn’t present a great user experience due to its non-compatibility towards offline usage and its features on its online counterpart. This led to the students and teachers using personal email addresses set up on different domains. There were frequent instances of data loss and a highly scattered online identity due to multiple email addresses. Moreover, the entire hardware infrastructure brought with it a lot of legacy capabilities, which required a complete makeover.

Solution Overview

BCP approached Techgyan, a Microsoft Gold partner to draw up a roadmap for its digitally-enabled future. Techgyan conducted a detailed study and identified the critical areas of intervention and helped BCP to prioritize by breaking it down by phases.

The Bombay College of Pharmacy had a large footprint of legacy systems in the form of Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 with older versions of Microsoft Office installed in them. Security of their entire infrastructure and moreover their data was critical. The projects would result in triggering sensitive data around molecules and formulas, which are to be safeguarded for posterity.Suresh Ramani, CEO, Techgyan.

Techgyan realized the need for standardization of practices, followed by acceleration of internal operations to drive efficiencies for BCP.

Standardization of Communication and Identity – All emails were moved to Exchange Online alongside the implementation of a hybrid active directory that facilitates a single identity across
all online experiences, native to the institute – emails, network, internal sites and much more.
Scaling Productivity – the 50+ staff along with 500+ students were onboarded onto Windows 10 with Office 2016 that allowed them to :

A. Store all their data securely on the cloud with OneDrive for business.
B. Have a secure internal interface for document sharing with SharePoint Online.
End-To-End Security – With the help of Windows Defender, in-built into Windows 10, the data stored natively is highly secured. Windows Intune that also forms part of the solution allows the
institute to apply security controls across devices and manage permissions remotely.

We took a strategic approach and looked at securing the core operations of BCP first and are looking to enhance the collaboration by enabling Microsoft Teams, OneNote and Yammer. BCP is deploying its campus automation system on Azure, which will allow for further efficiencies. Suresh Ramani, CEO, Techgyan.


BCP has elevated their adherence to compliance thanks to a highly secure end-to-end solution in Microsoft 365. Modernizing their entire infrastructure set-up has led to

• 50% reduction in IT support calls, enabling the IT staff to focus more on process enhancements.
• 75% reduction in data loss thanks to the migration from device storage to cloud storage.
• 20% reduction in email support calls and a more user-friendly experience with Exchange Online.

Our vision is to be a leader in Pharmacy Education, Pharmacy Training, and Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences. We realized that to achieve our vision, we must continuously transform ourselves digitally. We’re already seeing some impressive results with the implementation of Microsoft tools, under the guidance and leadership of Techgyan. Our productivity has increased by 25% and we’re excited to see the role of technology nurturing our vision.Nitin Maniar, Chairman, Governing Body, The Bombay College of

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