Exchange Online Archiving Service

Microsoft 365 Service has become hugely popular with Customers. The most popular workload is Email which is offered via Exchange Online. Some of the most popular plans are:

While in terms of functionality, all the above plans offer feature rich capability, there will be situations where a need will be felt for Archiving, Compliance, Regulatory and eDiscovery. One method to get these features is to opt for some of the following plans:

Both the above plans are feature rich and also have MS Office Apps.  Now this may not be required by all users who need Email Compliance related Solution.

Here we would suggest that the users opt for Exchange Online Archiving Service as an add on to their core license.


  1. Each email archive subscription can be used for storage of one user’s messaging data.

2.   Each such user initially gets 100 GB of storage in archive mailbox. To know what user archive mailbox is, please refer

3.   If auto expanding archiving is enabled, then additional storage space is automatically added when the 100 GB storage capacity is reached. This is available for user mailbox as well as shared mailbox. Note that the mailbox growth rate should not exceed 1 GB per day.

4.   Use of Journaling, Transport rules or auto forwarding rules to copy messages to the service is not permitted.

5.   In place Hold and Litigation Hold is supported

6.   In Place eDiscovery is supported

This Solution is a Part of our Security Suite  SecureIT 365  

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