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Microsoft 365 has emerged as the World’s favorite Productivity Platform. Thousands are adopting this every day to increase Productivity.  Not surprisingly, in most of the Customers who adopt Microsoft 365, the first Workload they adopt is Email using MS Exchange Online. This should not surprise anyone as Email has become an indispensable part of our Work life. It is a preferred mode of Business Communication.

At TechGyan, we have been helping our Customers to migrate from their older Email systems to the Exchange Online of Microsoft 365. Some of the older systems which we have helped migrate are:

1.   Gsuite to Microsoft 365

2.   On Premise Exchange to Microsoft 365

3.   POP Mailboxes to Microsoft 365

4.   Gsuite to Hybrid of Gsuite and Microsoft 365

            5. Anything to Microsoft 365

We have a Standard process by which we collect user information related to Email system. We do need a breakup of Email boxes in 2 major categories:

Below 40 GB
Above 40 GB 

This is needed as the migration process and costs are different for the two categories. The major steps involved in the migration process are:

 1. Collect basic information on the user Mailboxes

 2. Send Proposal.

 3. Get Approval on the Proposal.

 4. Collect more detailed Information.

 5. Finalize the Action Plan & get Customer Approval.

 6. Start Migration Activity.

 7. Do the Email cutover tasks.
 8. Post cutover, Support for 2 weeks.
 9. Handover.

Note that the Email cut over time is between 15 minutes to upto 72 hours.  In our experience more that 95% of the time it never exceeds 2 hours.

Our focus is to give our Customer’s a fully functional system as it existed so that there is no post migration blues. This means that the system we hand over should have:

All the User mailboxes

All the Distribution lists

Shared Mailboxes

Email Transport rules

Email Data (if required by the Customer)

Post the handover, Customer has an option of opting for Email Managed Services. Here the Customer is effectively outsourcing the Email Management to us. 

So do connect with us and get your legacy Email system migrated to Microsoft 365 with the help of Consultants from TechGyan.





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