Multi Geo Microsoft 365 Deployment

Why Multi Geo?

Multi Geo capabilities in Microsoft 365 allow organizations to meet data residency requirements by storing data in multiple geographies. This is particularly important for multinational companies that need to comply with local regulations regarding data storage. Multi Geo ensures that data is stored in the customer’s chosen geography, providing control over where data is stored and processed.

How Does Multi Geo Work?

Multi Geo is configured by setting up a central location, where the Microsoft 365 subscription is originally provisioned, and one or more satellite locations. Data-at-rest locations can be managed at a granular level for users, SharePoint sites, Microsoft 365 Groups, and Microsoft Teams. The configuration allows for data to be provisioned or migrated to the geography defined by the user’s Preferred Data Location (PDL).

What Licenses are Needed?

To enable Multi Geo capabilities, customers need to have Microsoft 365 licenses for their users in the main tenant location and purchase Multi Geo add-on licenses. These add-on licenses are supplementary to the main Microsoft 365 licenses and enable the data residency capabilities for users in other countries. It’s important to purchase and assign a quantity of Multi Geo licenses equal to or greater than 5% of the total eligible Microsoft 365 users.

Services TechGyan Can Offer

TechGyan can provide both one-time and ongoing services to ensure successful Multi Geo deployment.

  • Consultation: Understanding the specific needs and compliance requirements of your organization.
  • Deployment: Assisting with the setup and configuration of Multi Geo capabilities.
  • Migration: Seamlessly migrating your data to the preferred geographies without disrupting business operations.
  • Training: Educating your IT staff on managing and maintaining Multi Geo settings.
  • Support: Offering ongoing technical support to address any issues that may arise.
  • Ongoing Compliance: Ensuring that your Multi Geo deployment continues to meet all regulatory and compliance requirements over time.

These services are designed to provide a smooth transition to Multi Geo and maintain its efficacy throughout its operation.

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