SecureIT 365 Endpoint Security as a Service

For every Organization, large or small, protecting devices or End Point is a necessity. Traditional methods involved running some Anti-Virus to protect them. However, the threats have become very sophisticated.  So, a simple Anti-Virus will not be sufficient. Also, in house expertise is not available to manage the modern threats on an ongoing basis.

It is here that TechGyan offers End Point Security As A Service.  Our Consultants will monitor Customer Environment and check for threats and Security related issues.  And if they identify any, then they will also initiate Corrective Action. Let us understand a bit more of how we can help you get more visibility on the Threats targeting your End Points.

Our Service will give visibility over the following parameters:

  • Risky Users

  • Users not registered with Multi Factor Authentication

  • Device Compliance Status

  • Device Policies Threats Infected Devices

  • Anti-Virus Protection Device Status

In addition to the above, we will also take care of day to day tasks as required. These will include:

  • Azure AD Join or Unjoin for Corporate Devices

  • Azure AD Register or Deregister for Personal Devices

  • Bit Locker Setup (if required)

Let us look at some snapshots of the service used by our Consultants for our Customers which will give you greater clarity:

Device Compliance:

The graph above clearly states how many devices that are using the Corporate Data are non-compliant with Corporate Policies.

Next let us look at the Threats:

This one tells us that one severe threat was contained by the Security System.

We can also get a quick view on the devices that are due for scan or the devices that need updates:

The Pre-requisites for the above EndPoint Security as a Service is that Customers should have Microsoft 365 Business Premium License.

So if you wish to understand how Your Organization can benefit from this Security Service, please drop us an email and we shall connect with you to take this forward.



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