A Not For Profit focused on serving LGBTQ Communities Adopts SecureIT 365 to safeguard its Sensitive Data



The Humsafar Trust (HST) , a Not For Profit , was founded to reach out to LGBTQ communities in Mumbai Metro and surrounding areas. HST organizes advocacy workshops for health care providers, law enforcement agencies, judiciary, legislators, politicians and political parties, Government bodies, media, student community to sensitize them on Gay, MSM and TG issues.

Business Challenges

Humsafar was using GSuite for its Email and Document Storage for about 150 users. However, the  Senior Management was not getting complete  offline sync that is available in Outlook.  The user friendliness and functionality of MS Office was better than that provided by Google Docs. The Storage per user was also limited .  Besides the Meeting functionality available was not as robust and feature rich as provided by other options that were available.  

More importantly , due to the sensitive nature of the information and work involved, Device Management and Information Protection were important considerations especially for the Donors since the Work that the Field Staff does is very  sensitive in nature . 

The TechGyan Solution

Since Information Protection and Device Management were important needs of The Humsafar Trust , TechGyan suggested Microsoft 365 Business Premium as a Platform for comprehensive Collaboration and Security of Information and Devices. ( https://techgyan.in/microsoft-365-business-premium/ ) . Using the Platform , TechGyan presented a Solution that was capable of providing end to end Collaboration and Security for the Humsafar Trust. :

  1. 50 GB of main mailbox and unlimited Archive
  2. 1 TB of personal Data Storage
  3. Shared Storage in SharePoint Online
  4. Teams as a Platform for Hybrid Work which included, Calling, Meeting, Chats, Documents, Teams Apps.
  5. eDiscovery and In Place Hold for Email and Documents.
  6. Information Protection
  7. Device Protection and Management

Business Benefits

With Microsoft 365 Business Premium based SecureIT 365 Service , we are able to do Device Management as well as protect sensitive Information. This is very important for our Donors since the Work that the Field Staff does is very sensitive in nature.

MS Office offers a very rich functionality which helps in improving Productivity.

Microsoft 365 gave us excellent Storage Capacity for Emails and Documents. The Microsoft Teams gave us rich Platform for Complete Hybrid Work !

Mukesh Surve
IT Manager, The Humsafar Trust

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