Azure Virtual Desktop – The Best Virtualized Windows Platform

Welcome to the Hybrid World of Work!

To make Hybrid Work easier, we are pleased to introduce you to Azure Virtual Desktop,  your Windows PC or Windows Server in the Cloud. This is the first offering of Microsoft in the area of Cloud PC, with the second being Windows 365.

To know more about Cloud PC and also differences between Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365, please visit Desktop As a Service .

About Azure Virtual Desktop

Pre-requisites for deployment of Azure Virtual Desktop

  1. Azure Active Directory.  Do you use Office 365 Service?  If yes, then you already have Azure Active Directory. 

  2. Windows Server Active Directory  ( AD ) in sync with Azure Active Directory. If you do not have the AD, then you can even use the Azure Active Directory Domain Service Azure ADDS , which is fully managed Azure Service . 

  3. The Azure Subscription which shares  the same Azure AD . This should be in the same network or be connected to the Windows AD or Azure ADDS . 

  4. The User connecting to the WVD should be part of the AD or Azure ADDS. 

  5. The User Principal Name used to connect to Windows Virtual Desktop must be existing in the AD or in Azure ADDS. 

The supported Operating Systems of Azure Virtual Desktop 

  • Windows 10 Enterprise  

  • Windows 7 Enterprise 

  • Windows Server 2012 R2; 2016 ; 2019 

Note that 32 bit Operating Systems are not supported. 

Recommended Software Solution

We would recommend Microsoft 365 Business Premium Solution as this will provide all the required licenses for smooth running of Windows 10 Desktop : 

  • Windows OS 

  • RDP Client 

  • MS Office 

  • Office 365 

  • Security  

Next Steps

Connect with us on Email or Phone and Register for a No Cost 60 minute Online Workshop on Cloud PC. 

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