Flag Email for Follow up

Managing Emails is a priority for most of us. Too often, we get an important email which we intend to act on later. However, due to work pressure, such mails get buried under the new mails. 

There are various strategies one can use to manage the Emails. One of gems which many are unaware of, is called “Flagging for Follow up”.
Let’s see how it works: 

So here is a mail which has come from customer regarding new user id creation. Then concern person needs to go through this in detail, check the availability of license, ask sales team to add license, create id and then respond appropriately. Now, if the mail is left as it is, chances are that in couple of hours, it will be lost in the ocean of emails and no action would be taken. 

So how does one ensure that this mail is not lost, and action is taken on the same?  We can flag the mail by right clicking on the item and selecting the flag option.

Once that is done, the flagged item will appear in the “To Do” list of MS Outlook as shown below:

And since it is now in the To Do list, the chances of missing it are minimal. You can flag an email even with your Smartphone.  

Using this simple, yet effective tool provided in MS Outlook, a part of Office365, you can ensure that mails which need follow up  are never missed out and you remain on top of your Emails instead of the other way round. 

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