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Office 365 is currently the most popular Business Productivity suite. Over 100 million users around the world are now using Office 365. And the most frequently used application within Office 365 , besides MS Office is Exchange Online , which is the World’s best Email Service. As a platform, Office 365 is secure , and available 24x 7x 365 . However, there’s only a 30-day retention period inbuilt into Office 365.

Common Business Scenarios

  • When a user email is accidentally deleted, and the user discovers the missing Email after 30 days.
  • If an infrequently used mailbox is deleted  
  • An unhappy employee maliciously deletes many important Emails, and these are discovered missing after 30-day period of the activity.

In any of the above situation, the Email is lost forever. While there is a potential loss to the Company, there is a Compliance angle also to it. The current compliance needs are such that the onus is on the Company to provide all the required Emails to the Compliance authorities in case of an inquiry. And failure to do so can lead to massive penalties!

TechGyan Solution:

We are pleased to offer an Email Disaster recovery Solution under our  DataCenter 365 Suite which will enable you to recover a single mail or even a Mailbox.


  • Convenient agentless backup: 

Enjoy simplified configuration and maintenance of the solution. There’s no need to install an agent on the customer’s premises. It’s already running in the secure Cloud.

  • Quick granular restore: 

Avoid downtime and ensure business continuity by recovering in seconds. Granularly backup and restore required pieces of data such as emails, contacts, attachments, etc.

Key features to protect your Office 365 Emails:

  • Intuitive user-interface: 

Administer the solution and perform backup tasks using a user-friendly, modern interface. Reduce costs and time spent learning the solution and implementing it.

  • Automatic protection for new O365 items: 

Reduce headaches by streamlining backup management for Microsoft Office 365. New users, groups and sites are automatically protected.

  • Quick backup search: 

Enhanced search for mailboxes allows users to search by email subject, recipient, sender and date.

  • Powerful status monitoring: 

Achieve higher levels of transparency and security thanks to advanced reporting capabilities and backup-status monitoring, including widgets, notifications and alerts for critical events.

  • Multi-level encryption: 

Safeguard your data with additional security. At-source, enterprise-grade AES-256 encryption protects backups with irreversibly encrypted passwords.

And all this security at a nominal cost of Rs. 90 per user per month*

*Conditions apply

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