OneNote and SharePoint

Almost all of us use MS Office multiple times in a day. However, there is one jewel in MS Office which very few of us have used. And that is One Note. So what is OneNote? It’s a Note taking application. It consists of Sections and within sections are pages. And it accepts wide variety of inputs – regular typing as in Word, audio, video, pictures, hand writing if your device supports it. In short, it’s extremely versatile. And what adds to its versatility is that it’s available on all Platforms including all Mobile Platforms like Apple, Android, and Windows Phone.

Now when you take such a versatile application and combine it with SharePoint, you get Magic! To explain, let’s take a few scenarios where we use One Note with SharePoint in our Organization:

1) Standard Operating Procedures

We have Standard Operating Procedures like many other Organizations. What we have done is that we have put up these in OneNote and we store this on our SharePoint Intranet. This One Note has sections like Sales, Services, Billing, HRD, etc. And under each section are pages like Leave Policy, Incentive Policy, etc. So any one in TechGyan who needs any help on Policy has to go to the SharePoint and check out relevant section of the SOP. Given below is the image of the SOP OneNote in a browser window:

One Note page

The same page is seen below in a Mobile:

One Note on Mobile

One interesting fact about OneNote in a Mobile is that the unlike other files, the OneNote is locally available on the Mobile. So you can access OneNote even if you are offline. In case of other apps, you have to go online to access your files be it in One Drive or Dropbox.

2) Send Mail to OneNote

Nowadays we get lot of information on Email. And many a times this Email is rich in text and graphics and is of great reference value to us. However, we usually let the information remain in the Email. And when we need it, we spend a lot of time searching for the mail.
Let’s take a scenario where we have got a highly informative mail with loads of text, graphics, web links, and the works. What we will do next is to click on One Note icon on MS Outlook which will send this mail directly to OneNote. Please look at the image below:

Email in MS Outlook

Now this information is available in SharePoint in a One Note so that the whole Organization can access the same:

Email content in One Note

We can thus have many wonderful use case scenarios of OneNote + SharePoint + Mobile.

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