SecureIT 365 SharePoint DLP

The SecureIT 365 SharePoint DLP Pack is focused on ensuring that you minimize Data loss via SharePoint.

So here are the ways in which you can prevent the Data Loss via SharePoint. The policies below are available with SharePoint Plan 1.

  • Setup basic MFA

  • Restrict user from deleting file

  • Restrict user from uploading file

  • Restrict user from creating new files & Folder

  • Restrict user from downloading file.

  • Permission can be assigned/restricted to the users and groups to create, upload and delete files and folders in SharePoint. (If only read permission is assigned to any user, edit and download will be restricted).

  • Share files internally or externally with specific permissions.

  • Hide specific file and folder from any user.

  • Audit Logs. 

  • Declare Record – (block edit and delete). 

  • Hide sync button so that Document folders cannot be synced offline.

  • Restrict external Sharing.

  • Allow or block Domain level sharing.

  • Restrict access from different location besides office.

  • Alert Policy – modified, delete, and download. Email Notification occurs whenever any of the specified alert policy is matched.

  • Assign different permission (Read, Write And Full control) while sharing file to different users? If No, then how do you handle it?

DLP using SharePoint Plan 2:

  • Legal Hold. When a hold is placed on a SharePoint site, a preservation hold library is created, if one doesn’t already exist. The preservation hold library is only visible to site collection administrators so most users can’t view it.

  • eDiscovery

You can see the Above Features in Action in below Video:

You can get additional layers of SharePoint DLP.  For more details, please refer to the following article SharePoint Data Loss Prevention — TechGyan – Cloud Changes Everything



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