SecureIT 365 Device Management Standard

To secure the devices, be it Computers or Mobiles & Tablets, a set of capabilities are included in the Microsoft 365 entry level SKUs like Microsoft 365 Basic.  For more advanced levels of Security, we need to consider Microsoft Intune based SKUs. You can refer to the functionality of the premium SKUs here.  

Let us look at the Security available using the basic SKUs:

Email and Documents

Users need to enroll in basic Mobility and Security policy.  If a user’s device does not comply with the policy, the user might be blocked from accessing the Microsoft 365 resources. Or they can access but the Microsoft 365 will report violation. Limited to controlling access to Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Outlook.

Some of the Security Settings that can be Setup on Mobiles are:

  • Require a Password. 
  • Minimum Password Length.
  • Number of Sign-In failures before Device is wiped. 
  • Minutes of Inactivity before Device is Locked. 
  • Password Expiration (days). 
  • Remember Password history & Prevent reuse. 
  • Block Connection with Removable Storage. 
  • Block Bluetooth Connection.

Windows 10 devices can be managed by enrolling them as Mobile devices.

  • Require an alphanumeric password
  • Minimum password length
  • Number of sign-in failures before device is wiped
  • Minutes of inactivity before device is locked
  • Password expiration (days)

Wipe a Mobile device

You can use built-in Basic Mobility and Security for Microsoft 365 to remove only organizational information. This removes only organization data and leaves installed applications, photos, and personal information on a user’s mobile device.

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