SharePoint Mobile

SharePoint Online is a very important workload of Office 365, the World’s BEST Productivity Platform. Companies, Large and Small  use SharePoint for many applications like Document Management, Workflow Applications, etc.

The good news is that Microsoft has launched a versatile SharePoint Mobile App which gives allows users to leverage the power of SharePoint using a regular Mobile Phone. Lets look at some of the Stuff you can do with SharePoint Mobile App.



a) Team Sites

  1. 1.Access frequently used Team Sites

2.Access All Team Sites

3.Search for documents across all Team Sites using keywords

4.Explore Video Channel

5.Follow Sites to get regular updates

6.Share Sites

7.List of your recently used Documents

8.Navigation Pane



b) People

  1. Search  for People in your Organization
  2. List of Documents used by people connected to you

c) Other features

11.Shake to send feedback

So using the SharePoint Mobile App , you can not only access your SharePoint Documents, but also do Mobile Document Management .

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