TeamWork 365 Adoption Pack

Microsoft Teams has emerged as the Hub for Collaboration in the Hybrid way of work. To effectively make use of the Teams Platform, TechGyan has created 2 Solutions:

1)   Teamwork 365 Standard

2)   Teamwork 365 Premium, which is a part of our Digital Workspace Solution.

Here, we will share more details of the Teamwork 365 Standard. This Solution will cover the following areas:

  1. Meeting and Calling. Read more here .

  2. Premium Calendaring and Email Features. Read under Productivity Solutions here

  3. Managing Personal tasks

  4. Basic Document Management. Note that the Documents need to be in SharePoint as a pre-requisite.

Please watch the demo of the Solution in the video below:

So do connect with us and give your Productivity a Boost with the help of Consultants from TechGyan.



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