TeamWork 365 Team Document Migration

Document Management is a Core need for all Organizations. Microsoft 365 offers a Platform for Document Management for Personal as well as Team Migration. 

At TechGyan, we have been helping our Customers to migrate from their team Documents to SharePoint Online. Once you have migrated your Team Documents to SharePoint, you can get a very powerful Document Management System. And when you combine this with Teams, the real magic of Collaboration begins. 

Some of the older systems which we have helped migrate are : 

  1. File Server ( single or Multiple ) where Users have their shared Data 

  2. GDrive if the user is using Gmail for personal or Professional use 

  3. Anything to SharePoint Online  

We have a Standard process by which we collect user information related to the Shared Documents.

We do need a breakup of : 

Number of Source Locations 

Total Data to be migrated to SharePoint Online   

The major steps involved in the migration process are : 

  1. Collect basic information on the  document locations and size  

  2. Send proposal  

  3. Get approval on the proposal 

  4. Collect more detailed information  

  5. Finalize the Action Plan and get Customer approval 

  6. Start migration activity 

  7. Do the Document Migration cutover tasks  

  8. Post cutover support for 2 weeks  

  9. Hand over 

Note that before the cut over, users will continue to use their older locations when they create or edit or access their personal documents. During this phase, they will not access the documents on their One Drive location. 

Post cut over, they will STOP using documents in their older locations and start using documents on SharePoint 

So do reach out to us if you want to experience the power of Document Collaboration. 



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