Using Google GMail with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a place where Work gets Done in the Hybrid  Way of Work. Whether it is Meeting, Calling , Chatting , working on Documents , using multiple Apps to improve Productivity ,  everything can be done inside Teams . No wonder that more and more people are adopting Microsoft Teams as a Central point of their Hybrid Work. 

The best way to get optimum Productivity is to combine Microsoft Teams with the Email system . However not all Users of non Microsoft Email System like Google G Suite are in a position to migrate their Email to Microsoft 365 for various reasons  . So the G Suite users have not been able to experience  the Microsoft Teams. 

We have good news for such G Suite  usersIn this video we shall demonstrate how G Suite users can experience the Productivity of Microsoft Teams by using an integrated Solution of Google G Suite  with Microsoft Teams . This ensures that there are no adoption issues of moving to new Email  System while using Microsoft Teams. 

So do check out our short video. And if you wish to explore how you can leverage Microsoft Teams to increase Productivity,  please connect with us: 

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